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Pet photos

Jimmer is a rescue Miniature Australian Shepherd. He has been a loving and loyal member of our family for 4 years. He...

My beautiful Little Princess
My 1 year Black Lab

Valentino Marie
Tino's 3rd grade photo

Sundays Good Times
This is Scooby, 7 years old. He loves to play fetch and is always doing something to make us laugh. We love having him...

Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed
Mr. Darcy enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine.

Our Girls
The left side is Bella she loves to play with her stuff squirrel and run around on the farm. On the right is Addy she...

Baby Girl
Our baby girl Bella

Sundays Good Times
Our 2 year old pitbull, Priest. He lives for car rides and loves to play fetch. He definitely knows how to brighten our...

Tabby Cats are the Funniest Cats
My cat, Moe, loves to sleep in the oddest places! This includes any drawer that is open!

Oscar obviously hates having his photo taken :)

Biscuit Pig
Our pet mini-pig Biscuit enjoying his evening meal outside. He looks big but he's under 30lbs at 1.5 years old. ...

Mr. Cuddles chillin in his man chair

Bogey, Chessa, and Ladyday
Bogey, Chessa, and Ladyday all sitting pretty waiting for a treat!!

Can anybody help a guy out?
Harley loves any type of ball but his favorite is a green softball from his best buddy Willum. He can't pass up the...

Dog days of summer
This is our dog, Dolly Hall. She loves taking boat rides!

Your photos

Garden and Falls
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/31/15
Flower gardens on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, with the American Falls in the background.
Stephanie Beattie ~ 08/30/15
Found this cocoon in my bean garden. A few days later we found this caterpillar. Can't wait for the butterfly to emerge.
Flag at sunset
Carol Hodge ~ 08/30/15
Our flag at sunset at the end of a beautiful late summer day!
The Big Red Guitar
Mary Ann kagle ~ 08/28/15
I snapped this picture of our daughter Debbie in front of the Grand Ole Opry this summer, when Carl and I went on a trip to Nashville with her and her husband Carroll to visit Carroll's son Steve and his wife Theresa.
Mary Ann kagle ~ 08/28/15
I took this of a little bee getting honey out of one of my flowers.
Niagara Falls
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/26/15
Maid of the Mist tour boat approaches the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls.
Little Mr & Ms New Hamburg Picnic
Scott County Resident ~ 08/26/15
King-Rocky Burger, son of Brett & Jessica Burger Queen-Ava Asmus, daughter of Chris & Allyson Asmus
Chaffee German Day Pageant
Jennifer Lynn ~ 08/25/15
Junior Miss German Day (center): Reese VanPelt, 8 year old daughter of Billy & Megan VanPelt of Chaffee, MO. 1st Runner Up (right): Grace Ancell, 7 year old daughter of Tammy Ancell & Keith Ancell of Chaffee, MO. 2nd Runner Up (left): Madison Golightly, 9 year old daughter of Tara & Rusty Golightly of Chaffee, MO...
Chaffee German Day Pageant
Jennifer Lynn ~ 08/25/15
Little Miss German Day (center): Liza Brielle Dohogne, 4 year old daughter of Jeremey & Mallory Dohogne of Benton, MO. 1st Runner Up (right): Hanna Rose Conner, 4 year old daughter of Rosanna Williams & Jeremey Conner of Essex, MO. 2nd Runner Up (left): Jordan Jones, 4 year old daughter of Mindy Hendrix of Chaffee, MO...
Chaffee German Day Pageant
Jennifer Lynn ~ 08/25/15
Tiny Miss German Day (center): Addison Lincoln, 3 year old daughter of Darren & Tara Lincoln of Chaffee, MO. 1st Runner Up (right): Aubrey Camden, 2 year old daughter of Mackenzie Williams & Matt Camden of Essex, MO. 2nd Runner Up (left): Chloe Jane Hahn, 2 year old daughter of Cory and Christa Hahn of Oran, MO...
Chaffee German Day Pageant
Jennifer Lynn ~ 08/25/15
Tiny Mr. German Day (right): Maverick Hall, 1 year old son of Stefanie & Jordan Hall of Chaffee, MO. 1st Runner Up (left): Miles Leggett, 3 year old son of Dusty &Shannon Leggett of Chaffee, MO.
Chaffee German Day Pageant
Jennifer Lynn ~ 08/25/15
Mini Mr. German Day: Lucas Cantrell, 7 month old son of Vicki & Chris Cantrell of Chaffee, MO.
Chaffee German Day Pageant
Jennifer Lynn ~ 08/25/15
Mini Miss German Day: Ava Masters, 7 month old daughter of Tyler Masters and Lauren Phillips of Oran, MO.
Roller Derby Team Volunteers At Gus Macker Event
Erin Schloss ~ 08/25/15
On August, 8th, Cape Girardeau Roller Derby volunteered at the 1st Annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament held at the A.C. Brase Arena Building in Arena Park. Proceeds from this event went to support Boys & Girls Club. This event marks the first time Gus Macker has been held on the Mississippi River! Gus Macker Basketball, now in its 42nd year, spans three generations of 3-on-3 basketball players finding enjoyment, exercise, competition, and community closeness at above-the-rim levels...
Niagara Falls
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/23/15
Both Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls can be seen. With the afternoon sun, the rainbow was a bonus.
Bobcat and her kits
Polly Holten ~ 08/22/15
This mother bobcat had 4 kits with her in our backyard. I was only able to get this picture before she went into our creek.
CG Park
Stephanie Rose-Landewee ~ 08/19/15
The clouds were crazy pretty that day... I had to stop and snap a few photos.
A new view
Stephanie Kays ~ 08/19/15
While touring the Motor Vessel Mississippi towboat, Jayse Moore admires the waterfront view and beautiful sunset from a different perspective.
Jimmy Gockel ~ 08/19/15
Red Tailed Hawk approx. 20 inches long, pictured setting on tree limb in backyard on Niemann Drive.
Veterans Home Spirit of 45
Sandy Prichard, Auxiliary ~ 08/18/15
John Dragoni, speaker during Spirit of 45, Veterans Home Saturday August 15th
Veterans Home Spirit of 45
Sandy Prichard, Auxiliary ~ 08/18/15
Spirit of 45 Celebration at Veterans Home
Veterans Home Spirit of 45
Sandy Prichard, Auxiliary ~ 08/18/15
World War II Vets; Spirit of 45 celebration at Veterans Home
Veterans Home Spirit of 45
Sandy Prichard, Auxiliary ~ 08/18/15
World War II Vets; Spirit of 45 celebration at Veterans Home
Veterans Home Spirit of 45
Sandy Prichard, Auxiliary ~ 08/18/15
Enjoying the celebration Spirit of 45 Saturday August 15th at the Veterans Home in Cape Girardeau LaDonna Hengst, Sandy Prichard, Dale Humphries and Shiela Allen
Laura Holmburg ~ 08/18/15
Captured a photo of this beautiful Monarch butterfly resting on a flower at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center.
Farm Ride
Stephanie Rose-Landewee ~ 08/15/15
Evening right on our neighbors ground checking the cows with my Nikon along.
Japanese garden
Chat Wonn ~ 08/15/15
Japanese garden in St. Louis Botanical garden
Driving an antique tractor
Flossie Leggett ~ 08/10/15
Our grandson, Tristan Leggett, was able to drive an antique tractor in the Kelso Antique Tractor Parade on Aug. 4, 2015. There were 71 tractors in the parade.
Chinese Lantern
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/09/15
One of many brightly lit lanterns/art in the Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Albino squirrel
Angela Hubbard ~ 08/09/15
Beautiful albino squirrel
Peacock Vase
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/09/15
Peacock Vase lantern at the Lantern Festival in the Missouri Botanical Gardens
Jenny Lake
Chat Wonn ~ 08/05/15
Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Cape Girardeau Public Library grand prize bicycle winners
Photo by Sharon Anderson ~ 08/05/15
Cape Girardeau Public Library grand prize bicycle winners from the Every Hero has a Story 2015 Summer Reading Club. Bike donations were from the Friends of the Library Foundation, UCT Council 534, VFW Post 3838, and VFW Post 3838 Auxiliary. Back Row: Sandy Prichard, President VFW Post 3838 Auxiliary; Joe Wolsey, Commander VFW Post 3838; Geoffrey Seyer (representing bike winner Shane Seyer); Bert and Jobyna Daume, UCT Council 534...
Hanging Lake
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 08/04/15
In the mountains above Glenwood springs, Colorado you can hike into Hanging Lake. Gorgeous clear water with Cutthroat trout swimming around....but no fishing or wading in this jewel.
Historical Association thanks Schnucks
Historial Association ~ 08/04/15
The board of directors of the Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, The Glenn House, wish to thank Schnucks for its participation in the E-script program, and the $1,093.25 that they received from the use of the cards. This money has been beneficial in helping keep the Glenn House in good repair and beautiful for the community to enjoy...
Ladies Auxiliary presents scholarships
Tim Beussink ~ 08/04/15
The Jackson Knights of Columbus Ladies' Auxiliary presented scholarships to area graduating seniors at their annual banquet. The Ladies' Auxiliary is proud sponsors of scholarships every year to the area high schools to help further the education of students. ...
Scholarships presented
Tim Beussink ~ 08/04/15
The Jackson Knights of Columbus presented scholarships to area graduating seniors at its annual banquet. The Jackson Knights of Columbus are proud sponsors of scholarships every year to the four area high schools to help further the education of students. ...
Otto earns first-place ribbon
Sally Owen ~ 08/04/15
Dallas Otto, 7, of Marble Hill, Missouri, recently earned the first place ribbon at Briggs Stable Show in Hanover, Massachusetts. Shown with Dallas is his trainer and aunt, Kim Scheer, of Hanover. The horse show also was Dallas' first.
Grand Canyon National Park
Chat Wonn ~ 08/03/15
Sunset at Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Moonrise Over Girardeau
Rick Hetzel ~ 08/03/15
Moon over Cape Girardeau Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge
Boy Scout High Adventure at Philmont, New Mexico
Russ Parrish ~ 08/03/15
Troop 210 in Jackson recently went to Philmont. Russ was able to capture this picture of lightening from a far away storm.
Early morning on the river
Lisa Walter ~ 08/02/15
Sun morning sunrise
Surprise Lily
Patti Cook ~ 08/02/15
bowl of Surprise Lilies
Landscape Arch
Gordon L. Haycraft ~ 08/01/15
Landscape Arch is one of the thinner arches in Arches National Park and may fall at any time.
World War II veterans honored
Catherine Allison ~ 07/31/15
Members of Louis K. Juden Post 63 American Legion and their Auxiliary honored their WWII veterans members at their annual 4th of July picnic on July 4th.The WWII veterans were recognized and honored as the post observed the 70th nniversary of the end of WWII. The WWII veterans were ecognized and presented with a certificate of Honor and Commemorative Metal recognizing their WWII service and membership in American Legion...
Floodwall Murals
Aaron Palmer ~ 07/31/15
This photo is from the re-dedication of the floodwall murals.
Milky Way Over Moab
Gordon L. Haycraft ~ 07/30/15
Desert night skies in Arches National Park give great views of the central part of the Milky Way galaxy near Moab, Utah.
Hoops for Life 5K Run/Walk
Renee Bennett ~ 07/29/15
Participants listen as the National Anthem plays before the start of the Hoops for Life 5K Run on July 25 at Kiwanis Park
Gordon L Haycraft ~ 07/28/15
Bryce Canyon National Park and the famous hoodoos.
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
B Culp ~ 07/27/15
A beautiful July day at Crater Lake.
Sunset after a bad storm on Mon, July 20.
Randy Black ~ 07/20/15
This was the sunset after the bad storm on Monday evening.
Summer Phlox
Doris Eddings ~ 07/20/15
Summer Phlox, one of my favorite shade perennials. Any white flowers are outstanding in the shade.
Cape County 4-Her's Compete at State Poultry Contest
Lesley Meier ~ 07/20/15
Six Cape Girardeau county 4-H members competed in the 2015 State 4-H Poultry Contest Saturday, June 13 on the University of Missouri campus. Brent Seyer and Steven Peters competed in the Senior Judging Division, Dylan Knight, Dalton Seabaugh, and Alex Seyer competed in the Intermediate Judging Division, and Anna Ahrens competed in the Junior Judging Division...
Local Teens Elected to Missouri State 4-H Council
Lesley Meier ~ 07/20/15
Shantaria Bigham, Sikeston, Maria Calvert, Leopold, Jordan Collins, Benton, Blake Kasten, Jackson and Laura Stickles, Bloomfield recently returned from Columbia where they were elected as Regional Representatives to the Missouri State 4-H Council. The election took place as part of the 70th annual State 4-H Congress June 3-5, which was attended by over two hundred Missouri teens. Anna Roth of Perryville was elected to serve as the secretary on the State 4-H Council...
Teens Gather on MU Campus for 70th State 4-H Congress
Lesley Meier ~ 07/20/15
Youth from every corner of the state gathered on the University of Missouri campus June 3-5, 2015 for the 70th annual State 4-H Congress. In all, 225 teens ages 14-18 participated in a variety of hands-on workshops that fit their interests. Choices ranged widely, from leadership development to acting, writing, and meteorology...
daylily photo
Jim Enderle ~ 07/14/15
sun and heat loving hybrid daylily
Red House cuts ribbon on new room
Debra Baughn ~ 07/13/15
Docents and board members at the Red House Interpretive Center cut the ribbon Monday, July 13, on a new gift shop/trading post. The docents invite the public to check it out during our regular hours on Saturdays, 10 AM to 4 PM. Cutting the ribbon, from left to right, were Debra Baughn, Annita Layton, Debra Kapfer, Boots Jessup, Georgia Segraves, Don Koehler, Anne Hutson...
Birthday Breakfast with my 'Favorite' grandson
Tom Preston ~ 07/13/15
I had the great pleasure of spending my 61st birthday with my grandson Trenton!
Barn owl
Dianne Meyr ~ 07/09/15
A barn owl at parent's farm in New Wells.
Purple Coneflowers
Randy Black ~ 07/08/15
My wife's pretty Purple Coneflowers
Four Generations of the Hacker Family Gather on the 4th of July
PAULA HUGGINS ~ 07/08/15
Four generations of the Hacker Family are represented in this photo taken on the 4th of July. Pictured are Earl and Delores Hacker of Uniontown, MO, Karen Hacker Sutterer of Fruitland, MO, Amanda Sutterer Root and Issac Root of Houston, TX.

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