Out of the past 1/26/03

Sunday, January 26, 2003

10 years ago: Jan. 26, 1993

With new governor in place who has said he would sign collective bargaining legislation, labor unions are making push in this session of General Assembly for law that would allow public employees to bargain; but many legislators are skeptical whether there is enough support to pass such a bill this year.

Ruth Hathaway, who has been involved in science fairs since she was fourth-grade pupil with her own science project, takes helm as co-director of 37th Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair; Hathaway, chemist with Environmental Analysis South in Cape Girardeau, is first director of fair who works solely in science industry.

25 years ago: Jan. 26, 1978

Wednesday's threat of another major winter storm turned into bitter cold reality by nightfall, delivering double whammy of ice and driving snow that virtually closed off most of area; winds gusting up to 37 miles per hour at Municipal Airport blew across already thick blanket of snow, turning great outdoors into icebox; hundreds of travelers were stranded along rural roads and Interstate 55 from around Perryville on south to Arkansas border.

Long-sought break in financial aid has enabled Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority to proceed with appointment of executive director; Charles A. Clodfelter, 58, of Dexter has been hired to fill newly created position.

50 years ago: Jan. 26, 1953

Southeast Missouri couples who may anticipate going to Arkansas to get married in order to evade three-day waiting period in Missouri will be interested in knowing that Arkansas Legislature has passed law which, in effect, will prevent them from doing so; new law eliminates rule that Arkansas' three-day waiting period can be waived by certain judges.

Junior Chamber of Commerce Award for Distinguished Community Service is presented to Maurice Dunklin, Cape Girardeau insurance agent and commander of American Legion post; presentation is made during dinner meeting at Idan-Ha Hotel.

75 years ago: Jan. 26, 1928

Erection on steel on Cape Girardeau traffic bridge across Mississippi River is extended to point 66 feet past Pier 2, the mid-channel support of structure; total length of steel constructed so far on main span across channel is 788 feet, says resident engineer, P.V. Pennybacker; with girder span between Missouri approach and Pier 1 already erected, total length of steel put in place is 834 feet.

Recognition of heroism of the Rev. Carney C. Fesler, 40-year-old Methodist minister, of Commerce, who drowned last July 22, in Lake Killarney near Ironton, after saving lives of two girls, has been given when Carnegie bronze medal and monthly death benefits were bestowed on minister's widow and three children.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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