Students learn, participate in patriotism

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Examples of well-behaved, well-educated students with their priorities in the right place abound in our region.

Still another example comes from Jackson Middle School, where geography teacher Tammy Brotherton's seventh-graders created and mailed 135 pamphlets to Prince Sultan Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia. They were hand-made by each student out of construction paper, bound with colorful yarn and packed with facts about Middle Eastern culture and customs, plus word games for the airmen to enjoy.

The original idea came from a student whose relative was serving overseas.

In return, the class received a 33-by-57-inch U.S. flag flown over the base on Dec. 1 to honor them. Military men and women say it's important to receive mail when stationed elsewhere because they are separated from their families and friends -- a natural support system. Mail such as that from Jackson reminds them that Americans support their service.

Congratulations to the class for its well-deserved reward and to Brotherton for understanding the importance of teaching patriotism.

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