Woman claims doctor branded her during surgery

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- A woman is accusing her doctor of branding her uterus with his alma mater's initials before removing the organ during a hysterectomy.

Stephanie Means and her husband sued Dr. James Guiler on Wednesday, seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress.

The lawsuit said a videotape of the surgery clearly shows the University of Kentucky booster using a cauterizing tool to write "UK" in letters 2 inches high.

"They want to see that it isn't done to other women," said the couple's attorney, Michael Dean.

Guiler did not immediately return calls Friday.

The doctor performed the surgery Aug. 14 at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington.

Guiler received his medical degree from the university and last year was a sponsor of Wildcat Madness, a fund-raiser for the school's basketball museum.

In New York, an obstetrician lost his medical license after carving his initials into a patient's abdomen in 1999. Dr. Allan Zarkan's lawyer said Zarkan had a brain disorder.