This is the time to support our military

Friday, January 24, 2003

In a rather noble and certainly eloquent response to anti-war protesters, a serviceman from Chaffee raises an issue that deserves wider consideration: This is a time to support the men and women who have voluntarily committed their lives to military service and to the possibility of being put in harm's way on the battlefield (see Spc. Nicholas Cook's guest column to the left of this editorial).

In making his appeal, the Army specialist makes two important observations:

First, there is a difference between being opposed to war -- in this case, a war in Iraq whose purpose would be to prevent Saddam Hussein from developing weapons of mass destruction-- and being opposed to those whose choice is to serve in the armed forces.

Second, military supporters and anti-war protesters alike must always remember that the men and women in the various branches of the U.S. armed forces are there because they choose to be and because they understand there may be a need to protect freedom through military action.

Specialist Cook's plea honors those who, for whatever reasons, have volunteered to be trained to protect this country and serve its military needs.

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