Speak Out 1/22/03

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Use turn signals

REGARDING TURN signals: I can understand if you're talking on your cell phones, have a dog on your lap or are eating and drinking something, but the rest of you drivers could use your turn signals. If you are in a left-turn lane and don't have signals on, this is improper lane change and is against the law.

Get rid of junkers

MAYOR KNUDTSON, I wish that you would adopt some kind of get-tough policy about these old cars that have been in backyards a year or more. It's just sad how our neighborhoods are deteriorating. Our neighbors have a junker around, and there's no sign of repairs. There's a desperate need to try to clean up the town, and something needs to be done.

Dogs in pickups

HAULING A dog in the back of a pickup is cruel and stupid. The danger is obvious. Many are wet, cold, shivering and scared. I don't know if there is a law against this practice. If not, there should be. I think if you really love your pet, you wouldn't treat it as if it were a piece of firewood and provide a better place for your dog to travel.

Circling the trash

I RECENTLY saw a city truck driving across the grass in a park. It was circling around. What really caught me off guard was when the truck driver slowed down, reached out with a stick, stabbed a piece of trash, picked it up and continued circling around looking for more. This is how our tax money is being used. I don't understand how the city can justify driving a truck across the grass to pick up trash. We always hear that the city doesn't have a whole lot of money. Why doesn't it look at some of its departments are being run? From the looks of it, the city is not being a good steward of our taxes.

Support the reservists

WE NEED to support our reservists who are leaving Cape Girardeau. Isn't there something we as citizens can do to support these men and women? What if we drop off cards to them telling them we appreciate what they're doing? Let's do it.

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