Letter to the Editor

Certain events are meant to be held outdoors

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

To the editor:

Once again the Show Me Center is to be used (on Jan. 24 and 25) as an arena for a show of monster trucks. The Show Me Center is a lovely building and wasn't intended for this kind of punishment. If such bang-and-crash shows are continued in the building, it won't be lovely for long. This type of show should be held in the open, not in a closed building. The same thing applies to rodeos. This is an outdoor activity and shouldn't be held in a taxpayer-built arena. Both Sikeston and Perryville hold rodeos, and both venues are outdoors.

It is my understanding that, in a previous rodeo held in the Show Me Center, a bull got loose and jumped into the stands. What if serious injury had been done to one of the spectators? That could have been very costly. Who knows what sort of damage could be done by a monster truck suddenly out of control.


Cape Girardeau