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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Rapper DMC praises police on shooting case

NEW YORK -- Police investigating the killing of Jam Master Jay are doing "an excellent job," said DMC of the rap group Run-DMC.

No arrests have been made in the shooting death of the group's disc jockey, whose real name was Jason Mizell. The 37-year-old was shot execution-style on Oct. 30 in his Queens recording studio.

DMC, whose real name is Darryl McDaniels, was optimistic that the killer would be caught.

"You know a lot of people think that cops are the enemy and they really don't care. But the police that are working on Jay's death are doing an excellent job," DMC said in an interview with MTV News.

"You got hope that if the cops don't catch them, the streets will. Whoever did it, 'cause the streets talk. Eventually we will know who did it and boom bang."

Chan says stunt doubles are no problem

HONG KONG -- Renowned for performing his own daredevil stunts, action movie star Jackie Chan has started using body doubles, but only when necessary.

"I will use stunt doubles if you ask me to ride an F-16 jet fighter, or to jump over a series of hurdles with a crazy horse, or to perform two 720-degree somersaults," Chan said Tuesday.

"But one somersault, I'll do it myself," the 48-year-old said. "I will do what I could do and I won't do anything that is out of my capability."

Chan was responding to a reporter's inquiry about a recent story in the South China Morning Post newspaper that said Chan used seven stunt doubles in his recent film, "The Tuxedo."

The Post quoted Chan as saying it wasn't his decision, and the director and studio officials "call the shots."

Police rebuffed in probe of Franklin mansion fire

DETROIT -- Aretha Franklin didn't cooperate with authorities investigating a fire that destroyed her $1.6-million mansion, according to a police report.

The Bloomfield Township police report shows officers were rebuffed repeatedly while trying to interview Franklin after the Oct. 25 blaze, The Detroit News reported.

On the morning of the fire at the vacant home used for storage, according to the report, Franklin twice told detectives by phone that she was "too tired" to talk and would call back.

When she did not, detectives left a message and were contacted by attorney Elbert Hatchett of Pontiac, who said the 60-year-old singer declined to be interviewed, the report said Monday.

Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor James Halushka said Franklin is not a suspect.

Authorities have yet to file charges in the fire. An investigation indicated that an accelerant was used to start the fire on the first floor of the 10,000-square-foot mansion.

Belafonte criticizes Bush administration

CHICAGO -- Harry Belafonte is continuing his criticism of the Bush administration and some of its more prominent members, saying the president isn't a friend to blacks and their aspirations.

The 75-year-old entertainer said he expects the Bush administration to try to wipe away affirmative action, eliminate abortion and pursue a war with Iraq "that makes absolutely no sense."

Belafonte also took another shot at Secretary of State Colin Powell, who in October, he likened to a slave who sold his principles. Belafonte said Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice are hurting the cause of black America.

"In fact and practice ... you are serving those who continue to design our oppression," he said of Powell and Rice. "That is villainy, and I insist you look at it."

Cusack's latest film a 'radical art project'

CHICAGO-- Hollywood can be a tough balancing act, but actor John Cusack says it gets easier -- once you're famous.

Cusack's latest film, "Max," is a case in point. In it, the actor plays a Jewish art dealer who befriends an art student -- Adolf Hitler.

"It's a tough balancing act because you have to be in enough hit movies to be bankable enough to do the radical art project that you like," he told the Chicago Tribune in Sunday's editions.

Cusack's interest in radical art doesn't mean he's above watching a little reality TV, however. When pressed to choose which among the two hot reality shows should take a hike -- "The Osbournes" or "Joe Millionaire" -- Cusack commented:

"I like Ozzy Osbourne. I haven't seen 'Joe Millionaire,' but those women all seem to be gold diggers. I'm sure they'll be properly humiliated on network television."

-- From wire reports

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