Letter to the Editor

Protesters lose moral authority by including PLO

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

To the editor:

In regard to the recent trip to Washington, D.C., by some of our local citizens: I agree with them on the Iraq problem. I am against attacking Iraq at this time. I have not seen enough proof to cause me to support an invasion. It does not pass the test. Would I send my son? I would not.

I even thought of going with the protesters to the event. I'm glad I didn't. The march was turned into a standard left-wing protest. How could they include the representatives of the PLO? That organization and its various branches support the killing of civilians. How can the anti-war protesters be against the loss of lives among Iraqi civilians that a war would cause but include representatives of an organization that supports the killing of innocent Israeli civilians? They have lost the moral authority on this one. It corrupts the message and destroys credibility.