Bankruptcies for January 2003

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Bankruptcies filed through Jan. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Baker, Tammy R., Dexter, 11828

Banks, Charlotte A., Marston, 11807

Bartels, Sherry N., Jackson, 11858

Baugher, Kara L., Cape Girardeau, 11912

Behnen, Donald F., Poplar Bluff, 11916

Belcher, Brian K. and Lori W., Holcomb, 11800

Bell, Stanley R., Bell City, 11781

Bennett, Denise E. and John P., Greenville, 11813

Benton, Chris A. and Sharon K., Jackson, 11849

Berry, Clarence C. and Kimberly A., Malden, 11899

Berry, Dennis R., Poplar Bluff, 11780

Bonds, Hugh B. and Joyce A., Fredericktown, 11814

Brent, Jeffrey F., Poplar Bluff, 11840

Brown, Felecia A., Marston, 11804

Bryant, Crystal D. and Jimmie A., Dexter, 11777

Byrne, Taleah J., Jackson, 11913

Caldwell, Steven M., Chaffee, 11835

Carroll, Cheryl G. and John D., Dexter, 11922

Cassinger, Robert T. and Teresa K., Neelyville, 11812

Chandler, Jimmie J. Jr., Sikeston, 11884

Cheek, Keith L. and Leota, Fredericktown, 11933

Colwick, Roy D. and Stephanie D., Sikeston, 11886

Combs, Nyna R., Sikeston, 11890

Cox, Donald R., Dexter, 11932

Cox, Louis T. Jr. and Vanessa E., Scott City, 11822

Craig, Clay W., Malden, 11908

Crail, Peggy L., Cardwell, 11906

Cupp, Marty L. and Tari D., Bernie, 11852

Cutright, Francis J., Marble Hill, 11779

Day, Raymond M. Jr. and Stephanie B., Cape Girardeau, 11796

Dimford, Margaret A., Cape Girardeau, 11795

Dooley, Clifford A. and Rosemary, Lilbourn, 11839

Dosenbach, Mark S., Perryville, 11853

Dye, Rhonda V., Campbell, 11799

Edwards, Gerry R. and Maxine, Campbell, 11900

Elder, Jackie L. II and Michelle L., Naylor, 11883

Elledge, Linda K. and Robert L., Scott City, 11832

Farrow, James B. and Wendy N., Jackson, 11873

Fields, Stephen J., Sikeston, 11889

Finch, Darrell L. and Teresa W., Fredericktown, 11831

Fowler, Brian D. and Lindi M., New Madrid, 11887

Francis, Rodney G. Sr. and Tracy E., Fredericktown, 11816

Freeman, Danny T. and Karen S., Sikeston, 11805

Frish, Lisa M. and Robert T., Poplar Bluff, 11892

Fuller, Joan M., Holcomb, 11901

Gaskins, Perry J., Dexter, 11803

Girdwood, Marilyn and Wilfred, East Prairie, 11826

Grace, Leisa D. and Terry Sr., Sikeston, 11928

Hale, Daniel K. and Rebecca L., Poplar Bluff, 11811

Hamly, Cynthia G. and Frederick N., Oxly, 11860

Harrison, John A. and Misti D., Scott City, 11868

Hartzell, Barry W., Wappapello, 11909

Haynes, Barbara L. and Gerald D., New Madrid, 11891

Hector, Samuel H., New Madrid, 11808

Hendrix, Deborah E. and Donald W., Bell City, 11880

Hill-Lyons, Maxine R., Caruthersville, 11907

Hinton, Patsy C., Chaffee, 11881

Hitt, Amy G. and Steven V. II, Benton, 11791

Hooper, Robert E., Wyatt, 11870

Islas, Aristeo R., Cape Girardeau, 11871

Jackson, Jerry D., Dexter, 11859

Jameson, Glendal D. and Sherry A., Poplar Bluff, 11798

Johnson, George E. Jr., Cape Girardeau, 11885

Johnson, Sherry A., Hayti, 11882

Jones, Christopher L., Cape Girardeau, 11866

Jones, Matthew H., Cape Girardeau, 11824

Jordan, Lisa K., Fredericktown, 11797

Keith, Charlotte K., Scott City, 11850

Kopec, Timothy S., Perryville, 11856

Kurtz, Jerry D. and Maria J., Jackson, 11865

Laird, Jeffery D., Dexter, 11919

LaPlant, Bernell L., Charleston, 11789

Lawrence, Christina R. and Larry D. Sr., Gideon, 11902

Laws, Jeweldean, Kennett, 11806

Lee, Glenda K. and Jackie D., Birch Tree, 11821

Lee, Janice L., Cape Girardeau, 11794

Leuckel, Michelle R., Jackson, 11923

Leuckel, Philip J., Jackson, 11926

Lovette, Kenneth M. and Stephanie L., Poplar Bluff, 11876

Lowell, Vanessa L., Cape Girardeau, 11793

Lynn, Connie and William, Kennett, 11905

Malloy, Bobby G. and Stephanie L., Sikeston, 11854

Mathis, Mary E., Wappapello, 11830

McCabe, Charlie C., Essex, 11847

McCollom, James D. and Sherry K., Bloomfield, 11921

Merritt, Edna M., Bernie, 11903

Midgett, Roberta J., Gideon, 11809

Mijares, James M., Sikeston, 11819

Moore, Debra E. and Elsworth C. Jr., Fairdealing, 11792

Moore, Eddie L. and Margaret M., Sikeston, 11931

Moore, Jeannie C. and Jeffrey D., Fredericktown, 11817

Morrow, Darin L., Kennett, 11801

Myers, Scott, Sedgewickville, 11823

Niswonger, Joe, Old Appleton, 11838

Overton, Richard C., Overton, 11917

Owens, Norma L., Jackson, 11872

Parker, Carl W. and Gayla R., Malden, 11782

Payne, James D. and Sherry A., Sikeston, 11785

Pazanowski, Christopher R., Kennett, 11893

Pazanowski, Linda K. and Richard, Kennett, 11894

Pepple, David F. and Staci L., Chaffee, 11862

Prevallet, Jo A., Jackson, 11833

Primm, Michael L. and Peggy L., Cape Girardeau, 11845

Pullum, Patricia A., Bloomfield, 11788

Rauscher, Christopher M., Dexter, 11827

Reed, Deborah S., New Madrid, 11802

Richardet, Amy and Chad, Perryville, 11837

Rigdon, Mark J., Cape Girardeau, 11867

Robey, Johnny M. Sr. and Metta L., Bloomfield, 11927

Robinson, Joe D. and Mandy A., Puxico, 11846

Rudd, Amos W., Kennett, 11914

Rutledge, Earlene, Malden, 11895

Ryan, Kathy L. and Kyle P., Poplar Bluff, 11861

Sailors, Betty L., Sikeston, 11784

Sanders, Dickie C. and Elizabeth E., East Prairie, 11778

Scherer, Joe and Judy, Portageville, 11925

Sears, Kimberly D., Sikeston, 11844

Shands, Jerry L., East Prairie, 11790

Sharp, Ricky D. and Vera M., Kennett, 11896

Simmons, Kimberly A. and Raymond L., Poplar Bluff, 11879

Simms, Gary J. and Joyce M., Bernie, 11918

Sisk, Raymond Earl Jr. and Terri D., East Prairie, 11818

Sissum, David L. and Lora L., Puxico, 11834

Smith, Earnestine, Caruthersville, 11810

Smith, Kenneth and Stella L., Malden, 11843

Snider, Gwendola F. and Jerry C., Dexter, 11869

Snider, Shelly A., Cape Girardeau, 11874

Sparks, Deenie D. and Ricky A., Ellsinore, 11842

Sperino, Vicky, Bloomfield, 11920

Stadler, Cora L., Fairdealing, 11855

Staggs, Betty S. and Willie R., Sikeston, 11783

Steimle, Megan E. and Timothy M., Chaffee, 11930

Stephens, Josanna J., Bernie, 11878

Stevener, Paula J. and Robert E., Matthews, 11888

Stewart, Shawnee J., Sikeston, 11929

Stinson, Wanda U., Leopold, 11851

Stockmann, Thomas B., Fredericktown, 11857

Street, Bruce C. and Carla A., Williamsville, 11815

Stucker, Melissa A. and Timothy R., Poplar Bluff, 11875

Taylor, Marcus R., Neelyville, 11877

Teder, John F. and Patricia L., Jackson, 11836

Thacker, Cecil L. Sr. and Gay D., Campbell, 11897

Thomas, Alvin J. and Helen G., New Madrid, 11829

Thrower, Debra L., Poplar Bluff, 11863

Tiffany, Paul D., Cape Girardeau, 11924

Tinnin, Lynn E., Poplar Bluff, 11915

Tinsley, Christie C. and Jeffrey W., Jackson, 11786

Toombs, Lisa A., Cape Girardeau, 11910

Tucker, LaDonna M., Charleston, 11787

Vaughn, Devosha C. and Jerry R., Dexter, 11848

Walters, Thelma J., Sikeston, 11820

Wells, Billy R. and Roselle L., Fish, 11864

Wibbenmeyer, Lester H., Doniphan, 11911

Wibbenmeyer, Marlene A., Cape Girardeau, 11911

Wilferth, Fred W. II, Leopold, 11825

Wilkerson, Johnna R. and Michael D., Kennett, 11898

Wooldridge, Jacqueline M. and Jerry W., Patterson, 11841

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