Letter to the Editor

People need to be engaged in our destiny

To the editor:

The mass of people allow infringements of our liberties by our representative government to continue. Why? Generally, the people have neither the time nor interest to engage in organized study or expression regarding the overreaching power of government.

Many have been forced to abandon the one-wage-earner family not by choice, but necessity. The family structure is sacrificed to provide life's basics and to pay ever-increasing taxes. The family structure is in peril.

It doesn't matter which political party is in control. They both are leading us down the same path. The only difference is that one party will take us to socialism faster than the other. Our nation is in peril. Apathy of our citizenry is born of a feeling of helplessness against government's daily infringements against God-given and natural rights.

Isn't it time we all make an effort to change the path and direction America is taking? Shouldn't we be actively engaged in the political process to recapture what once was?


Cobden, Ill.