Letter to the Editor

Here's a test on history facts for conservatives

Sunday, January 12, 2003

To the editor:

Mona Charen's recent column lamenting America's ignorance of historical facts is interesting. It is not surprising, since our schools have stressed science and math while ignoring the humanities. Facts may be important, but the ability to evaluate causes and outcomes are even more important.

Perhaps a better history test for Charen and her conservative friends is the following: How many conservatives initially supported the American revolution, the Bill of Rights, the abolition of slavery, their mothers' right to vote, child-labor laws, the 40-hour work week, Social Security, civil-rights legislation and Medicare?

The answer on all issues: none.

Don't take my word. Do the research. Start by looking up the definition of "conservative" and "liberal."

Now for the last part of the test. You may use books or any other resources. The only rule is strict adherence to the definitions of "liberal" and "conservative." Don't assume you know. Right-wing propagandists have lied to you. Doing this research should keep you busy for a long time.