Wary Americans looking for explanations

Sunday, January 5, 2003

A national poll suggests that Americans are concerned about many of the issues listed on the Bush administration's agenda for the next two years (see above), even though many Americans may be wary of White House plans to deal with those topics.

The Associated Press poll found that most Americans wonder about plans for deeper tax cuts and fear Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists more than Saddam Hussein.

While most Americans are troubled by their own financial situations, thanks in large part to the sluggish economy's effect on retirement savings, nearly half believe they will be better off at the end of 2003 than they are now.

The poll's findings are an indication that the Bush administration has a big sales job to do before a lot of Americans are comfortable with many of the items on the president's agenda.

Americans have a right to expect explanations. And President Bush has an obligation to provide them.

What may give the Bush plan its biggest boost is finding ways to help Americans understand that tax reform, legal reform, access to health care, immigration reform and all the other items on the White House agenda will, if achieved, have a significant positive impact on the welfare of the whole nation.

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