Community helps out family left homeless by fire

Sunday, January 5, 2003

The family of Denise Williams and Sonny Kuehn, whose Cape Girardeau home was destroyed by fire Dec. 28, has experienced an overwhelming response from the community as people brought them with clothing and other necessities throughout the week.

"There are more open hearts out there than I thought," Williams said.

The family received an abundance of children's clothing for 12-year-old Alexis Williams, 10-year-old Samantha Kuehn and 6-year-old Skylar Kuehn, including shoes, socks and coats. And the children's schools told Williams not to worry about school supplies; they said they would take care of that.

Both Williams' and Kuehn's employers have helped out by providing clothing and other assistance. Kuehn works at Elfrink Transportation. Williams works at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Though the family did not receive any furniture or other household items like kitchen pots and pans, Williams said she doesn't have anywhere to put those items yet anyway. Williams and Kuehn are staying at their mothers' homes.

A few small monetary donations were received, as well as some toys. Insurance coverage has not yet been settled.

Williams' hands and feet were burned as she tried to put out the fire. The burns are healing well, she said, though she can't stand on her feet long.

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