Letter to the Editor

Thanks expressed for all who gave to the United Way

To the editor:

As we draw closer to the end of another year, the Area Wide United Way is reflecting on thanksgiving, once again, to those in our surrounding communities for their generosity and caring spirit.

At a time when many United Way communities are faced with a decrease in local giving, we proudly boast raising more money than ever before: more than $908,000. We invite all those who supported our 2002 campaign to share in this pride and thank them for their ability to see beyond their own needs to the needs of so many others.

The Southeast Missouri area is blessed with many elements necessary for a thriving community. However, the true measure of the spirit and vibrancy of a community is the involvement of its citizens in caring for others through sharing their time and money.

We encourage everyone to support the many other organizations in our community that provide vital services, for we are seeing a time of increased need coupled with decreased government funding. Local funding is by far the most effective, as it demands local accountability and results.

We all need everyone's support now more than ever. We salute each and every one who supports the United Way for realizing the true meaning of happiness and helping us change lives through their precious gifts. On behalf of the board of directors, campaign volunteers, 32 agencies and thousands of Southeast Missourians who will benefit, our sincere gratitude.


Executive Director

Area Wide United Way

Cape Girardeau