Scratch-off lottery ticket proves winner for local man

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Instead of getting on the usual party boat during his annual deep-sea fishing trip in Texas, a Cape Girardeau man now plans to charter a boat after uncovering a $100,000 prize in the Missouri Lottery's "Merry Money" Scratcher's game.

Andrew Livingston, 46, said the money will make the annual trip next summer even more enjoyable.

"I've been buying these for years, and my opinion is it was about time," he said, chuckling.

Livingston, who works as a route supervisor for Tipton Linen and Uniform Service, said he was working when he stopped at Amerimart gas station in Advance, Mo., and bought four of the $5 instant tickets. The third one he scratched off turned out to be the big winner.

"I looked at it two or three times because I've looked at them wrong before," he said. "After I realized it was legit, I calmly turned it in."

Despite the windfall, Livingston won't be quitting his job over it.

He intends to pay off some debt with part of the money, but he also made plans Monday with a financial consultant to secure about half of his winnings.

"Merry Money" went on sale Nov. 2 and offers a top prize of $100,000 and a chance to win up to 20 times on each ticket.

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