Out of the past 12/21/02

Saturday, December 21, 2002

10 years ago: Dec. 21, 1992

Computer-controlled railroad grade-crossing safety equipment will be installed at number of busy railroad crossings in Southeast Missouri in next two to four years; three of crossings to be upgraded by September are in and near Randles in Southwest Cape Girardeau County, where Cape Girardeau man was killed three years ago at one of crossings.

City council agrees to consider appointment next month of formal commission to revamp City Charter that was adopted in 1981; agreement comes after council appoints more than 20 people to different committee called Zone Election Committee, which will consider ways to implement ward-style council elections.

25 years ago: Dec. 21, 1977

Ryland "Dutch" Meyr, Central High School football coach, submits letter of resignation to school board; Meyr is leaving to become partner in Fruitland Livestock Auction Inc.; Harry McDowell started business seven years ago, and it has become one of largest of its kind in state and in Midwest.

Special interest in developing youth-oriented recreation facilities is one of reasons given by John M. Isbell for filing as candidate for city council.

50 years ago: Dec. 21, 1952

Archbishop Joseph E. Ritter has assigned the Revs. Christian J. Martin and Ralph A. Zimmer to new positions; Zimmer, native of Cape Girardeau and alumnus of St. Mary's School, will become temporary assistant to pastor of Holy Cross Parish in St. Louis; Martin will take place vacated by Zimmer as chaplain of St. Mary's Institute at O'Fallon; Martin previously was associate at St. Mary's Church in Cape Girardeau and recently returned from military service in Army.

Virgina Herder of Kirkwood, senior at State College, and representative of Benton and Clio societies, was crowned queen last night at Sagamore Ball, major social event of year; maids of honor to queen were Kay Alfultis of Oran, Bethel Francis of Grassy, Alice Frowitter and Marceline Williams of St. Louis.

75 years ago: Dec. 21, 1927

Trapped in their automobile when motor stalls, Mrs. Maple Wilson and daughter, Mary, of Cape Girardeau, have narrow escape from death, when southbound Frisco Sunnyland passenger train strikes car at foot of Themis Street; train, pulling into passenger station, strikes front of machine, smashing radiator, headlights and right fender; passengers are unhurt.

Roy Shaw, employee of Gideon-Anderson Lumber Co. at Gideon, is brought to Cape Girardeau hospital in serious condition from injuries sustained while working at mill earlier in day.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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