Speak Out B 12/20/02

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Tools to fight meth

WAY TO go, city council. Give your officers the tools they need to clean up our cities. Meth users are dying at their own hands. Meanwhile, they are poisoning their neighbors.

Caution on Route U

IN RESPONSE to the article "One killed in collision on fog-shrouded road": I am not trying to place any blame, but the dump truck drivers need to slow down and stay on their side of the road. I have had many near collisions. I live on Route U. I just pray that my family and I aren't the next ones involved in an accident

Prisoners sent home

I CANNOT believe Kentucky is releasing prisoners due to budget problems. What a horrible message this sends. I pray the 500-plus who are now home for the holidays will stay out of trouble. They should consider themselves very lucky.

Lots of lights

TALK ABOUT keeping up with the Joneses. A few of my neighbors have really gone overboard with their outside Christmas decorations. I hope they can pay their electric bills.

Greetings to newspaper

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the staff at the Southeast Missourian who work hard almost every day of the year to provide us a good newspaper to read every morning.

Mailbox concerns

I LIVE less than two miles from the courthouse in Jackson. I pay Jackson city taxes. I live in a subdivision. A block away from my house, mail gets delivered to the door. In my subdivision, we have mailboxes at the street. While I don't mind walking to the street to get my mail, I do mind having my neighbor's mailbox in my front yard. The post office claims that since we are on a rural route, the carrier has the right to determine where he wants the mailboxes. I love living in Jackson, but some things I just don't understand.

Service is missing

MY PET peeve is these young people working in retail who have not yet learned that the customer is always right. I try to remember that this may be their first job, or they might just be seasonal help. Or it may that they just don't care. It used to be that going to upscale department stores meant awesome customer service.

Clean streets

MANY THANKS to the street sweeper of Jackson. You do more for my family than just keep our streets clean. Whenever the weather is wet and the streets haven't been cleaned in a while, I have to give my dog a bath after we walk. The dog and I are always happy to see the street sweeper visit our neighborhood. Come by more often.

Unresolved issue

I HOPE our politicians enjoy their holiday as some of the 6 percent of Americans who are unemployed are without extended unemployment benefits. With the economy the way it is, I cannot believe the politicians went home without getting this resolved. How selfish. Maybe they'd think differently if they were unemployed.

Good delivery

MY NEWSPAPER carrier faithfully delivers to my sidewalk each morning. I appreciate him each and every day of the year.

Slow down and enjoy

"STRESSED" IS "desserts" spelled backward. Slow down, relax and eat chocolate. Whether or not you get everything on your to-do list done, the holidays will come and go. Enjoy them.

Charming decorations

I THINK the decorations uptown in Jackson are beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing them for many years. While some may think they're outdated, my opinion is that they add charm to our town.

Slow down

I WOULD like to know why the people who travel on Highway U in Whitewater can't slow down when going through the construction site located there. There are plenty of warning signs. Even the buses from Delta don't slow down.

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