Six dead in four separate shootings in Flint, Mich.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

FLINT, Mich. -- Six people were found shot to death within hours of each other in the Flint area.

Five of the victims died Thursday in three separate shootings, and the body of the sixth was discovered earlier in the day in nearby Oakland County.

In Genesee County, a man and woman were found dead in a sport utility vehicle outside the Mount Morris Township police station. They were apparently killed in the Saginaw area, about 30 miles north, police said.

In Flint, two men were shot to death and a third was seriously wounded when someone stood outside a building and fired about 20 shots into it.

Separately in Flint, a man was shot and killed as he sat in his car with a female companion.

In Oakland County's Springfield Township, a passer-by found a man's body along a road, wearing only in a T-shirt, police said.

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