Speak Out 12/18/02

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Forgotten wars

I NOTICED that at this time of year there are a lot of old war movies on TV. What bothers me are the forgotten wars. My father served in the Army and was involved in several conflicts in the Pacific and Korea in the Aleutian Campaign. Why is it we never see anything about this? Is it that our government does not want the embarrassment of telling how it sent these men to a place with sub-zero temperatures without any cold-weather gear? My father had both his feet frostbitten and still performed his duty. After all this, he and many others are denied veterans' benefits. Is it any wonder why the military has a problem with enlistments? In any case, I want to wish all those who have and continue to serve, even the forgotten heroes, Merry Christmas.

Friendly socialism

A SPEAK Out caller asked: If the proposed water park is potentially profitable, then why doesn't a private concern build it? It has to do with the views of our local city council members. Any private proposal to build one would be nixed by the city fathers because, rightly or wrongly, they have become true believers in the idea that governments are better at making good economic decisions than private individuals and that the water park would more likely turn a profit if it was government-run as opposed to privately owned and operated. It must be added that all of our council members are very nice people, so their philosophy can best be described as friendly faced socialism.

Both are disgraceful

TRENT LOTT is a racist pure and simple. All you have to do is look at his history and his affiliations. He and Strom Thurmond are a disgrace to their party and to this country.

Supreme faith

WE CATHOLICS do not always agree with the man behind the altar, but we do put our faith in the Author of the Book on that altar.

Don't change the name

WHY BEGIN changing the names of our wonderful parks? If the Kiwanis have the money and want to do good, let them donate to help make Cherokee a better place.

Reconsider renaming

IT WOULD be a shame if the city started naming public parks after donors. There is a proud tradition of naming parks here after Indian tribes. Renaming Cherokee after a civic club, even if it is a very good one like Kiwanis, will just be the first in an unending process to rename other parks after civic clubs or even companies. In addition, many organizations have proudly donated money for specific projects in a park. If a park is named after one group, it might hold back the donations of others for the smaller items. The Kiwanis Club has done much good for the community. I hope it reconsiders its proposal.

Pray for the suffering

LAWSUITS IN Boston required the diocese to release tens of thousands of pages of secret internal documents. Faithful Catholics saw details of sordid conduct by trusted priests that were not limited to the abuse of children but included reprehensible misconduct against adult parishioners as well. Other dioceses have not yet been forced to release internal church records, so we do not yet know the full extent of healing and reconciliation that may be necessary. My prayers are for the people of Boston, Cardinal Law's successor and all holy priests and devout Catholics who may still have a long time of trial and healing ahead.

No appeasement

IT'S TIME to put all ideological differences aside and support our president in his defense of America after the attack on America and massive killing of our people. You can't appease terrorists and turn the other cheek for them to kill more Americans.

Native Americans

IT'S NOT bad enough that we didn't get the Mississippi bridge named to honor the Trail of Tears. Now the Kiwanis want to take away the Cherokee name on Cherokee Park. Is there a bunch here that doesn't like Native Americans? What is going on?

Beautiful, inspiring

LAST WEEKEND, I was blessed to find out about "Bethlehem, Village of Hope" presented by the First Baptist Church of Delta and friends. It was a live re-enactment of Bethlehem the day after Jesus was born. It was so beautiful and inspiring. I want to thank everyone who helped present this. The true spirit of Christmas is in your hearts.

Tuition inflation

THE LATEST tuition increase at SEMO represents an almost 3,000 percent increase from the rates I paid in the mid-1960s. If other segments of our economy operated like public higher education, a new automobile that cost $4,000 in the 1960s would cost $120,000 today. A $15,000 home in the 1960s would cost $450,000 today. Even the rapid rise of health care doesn't even come close to the rise of tuition. And this trend of rising tuition began long before state budget cuts. I feel the taxpayers who support these institutions and pay the salaries of those who run them deserve an explanation.

Smoking at gas pump

I CAN'T believe what I saw the other day when I was putting gas in my automobile. A fellow in front of me was filling his tank, smoking a cigarette. There should be a law against endangering other people's lives by smoking cigarettes while filling a gas tank. If you want to blow yourself up, go right ahead. But don't include me and my family.

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