Speak Out 12/17/02

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Church credibility

I PRAY that Cardinal Law's resignation will begin the healing process for all Catholics. Two other actions, however, will also be necessary to restore the moral credibility of the Roman Catholic church leadership: All bishops must insist that bishops and all their clergy maintain lives of integrity (no child abuse, no secret girlfriends, boyfriends or church money for hush payments), and all bishops must provide full financial accountability that discloses the costs to parishioners that result from the inappropriate behavior of clergy.

Peace groups

IN HIS Dec. 12 column, Sam Blackwell stated that the National Council of Churches, the NAACP, the Sierra Club and NOW all support some peace group called Move On. If this collection of organizations against the possible war with Iraq, then I can only conclude an invasion of Iraq must be imminently justified. I must concede that Blackwell had one very profound thought: Maybe the way to world peace is for everyone to spend more time thinking about bras and panties.

Historical perspective

CONCERNING TRENT Lott's faux pas: I think he was probably referring to the fact that Strom Thurmond would have made a much stronger president than Harry Truman. We probably wouldn't have had the Korean War if we had had Thurmond in there. If you want to look at historical perspective, I think we'd all been a lot better off if my great-great-great-great-granddaddy would have picked his own cotton.

Accepting apologies

WHAT HAS Trent Lott done in his political career to receive this racial hate talk from Al Gore, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? These people accepted the apology of Bill Clinton. There was a cry of "Leave him alone -- he's apologized -- let's move on" from these same folks. Lott has done a lot more for African Americans than many Democrats, but party affiliation is the most important thing to many.

Prize isn't everything

JUST BECAUSE one receives a Nobel Prize doesn't make him supreme in my eye. A lot of people may have been more deserving. Literature is always a questionable thing, except when it comes to sheer entertainment. William Faulkner, in my mind, is someone who wrote trashy novels. If the university wants to keep his papers, that's fine. I don't know that I really have to knock myself out to read his stuff.

Preventive action

I GUESS it will take another massive terrorist attack on America to convince some people that you can't appease terrorists or let them get away with mass murder in America. Of course, we all want peace. But when your country is attacked, are your supposed to lie down and say hit me again and kill even more of my country's people? These terrorists have got to be stopped. Thank God we have a strong leader in President Bush who has shown determination to answer the attack on America. President Roosevelt took action when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and President Bush will take action since America has been attacked.

More diversity, please

I agree with the person who wants more Christmas programs at the Show Me Center. But not only Christmas programs are needed. Where are the plays? Shakespeare? Rock concerts? Musicals? When the Show Me Center was built, we were promised all of this. But the college took it over, and the public is left with nil. I'm in my late 30s and have lived in Cape Girardeau and Jackson my entire life. I currently am a student at SEMO. The home, garden, gun and boat shows are great, but let's have some culture, something fun.

Masterful reporting

RODNEY YODER'S failed attempt to prove psychiatry to be a pseudo-science was correctly pointed out by Scott Moyers to have been a pitiful way for Yoder to try and gain his release from a mental institution. Indeed, Moyers' series of stories on Yoder and his follow-up column were masterful.

I really thought these war protesters were just playing politics. But now reports are beginning to surface suggesting this really is all about oil. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the protesters are right.

Aquatic park is needed

I FEEL the aquatic park would be a wonderful addition to Cape Girardeau. My family and I have driven to the Maryland Heights, Mo., Farmington, Mo., and Eddyville, Ky., aquatic parks. While there, we always run into other families from the area. We spend money while at the aquatic center and then spend more money for dinner afterward. This will bring revenue into Cape Girardeau, as well as enjoyment for the citizens of Cape Girardeau and the surrounding areas.

Sacred building

YOUR STORY about the Jewish group looking for a meeting place reported that the old synagogue on Main Street has been sold to local developers. I sure hope those developers take care of the building. It would be nice if the synagogue were working again. It's a beautiful building and should be treated in a sacred way. It makes a nice architectural companion to Old St. Vincent's Church.

Public information

STOP PRINTING people's names in the police reports. Your note that this does not imply guilt doesn't mean a thing. Once readers see a name in the police report, they automatically assume guilt, and that person's life is affected. His job is not only in jeopardy, but so is his home life. It may not even be true. Please stop destroying lives. So what if it's public information? That doesn't mean you have to display it for the world. If the public wants to go and look it up, then let them. Have a heart.

Let kids believe

TO THESE people saying we should not tell our kids there is no Santa Claus: If we do this we should also stop telling them there is an Easter bunny and stop hiding eggs. We should stop letting them dress up for Halloween. The real meaning of Santa Claus is to teach them to love and share and to be good throughout the year. Those who say we should not believe in Santa are nothing but Scrooges.

Excellent graduation

CONGRATULATIONS to President Dobbins and Southeast Missouri State University for an excellent graduation.

Better than taxes

IF WE all put our two cents worth in, as a Speak Out caller did the other day, we wouldn't have to raise local taxes.

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