Letter to the Editor

Caring for pets is good way to show spirit of holidays

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

To the editor:

I would like to praise all the families that have pets and care for them properly. Those of us who love our pets have them spayed and neutered, get yearly checkups for all shots by a veterinarian and provide proper housing and plenty of food and water. In return, these animals give us love and companionship. During this holiday time of giving, please remember all the unwanted animals in our area. Rescue an animal from the Humane Society or off the streets. There are plenty of these precious animals discarded daily. These animals are creatures of God and have feelings. They get cold and freeze. They starve and die. And they agonize when injured. They love you for just who you are, yet so many are horribly abused in so many ways by uncaring people. I believe God smiles on those who care for his creatures. Merry Christmas to all.