Speak Out 12/14/02

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Too good a dealTHERE'S SOMETHING I'm not understanding about Cape Girardeau's proposed water park. If the water park would produce the revenue that the city council and the Southeast Missourian have reported, why hasn't some private investor not already built one? Since when is the city supposed to involve itself with collecting extra taxes to invest in a money-making venture?

Doing the best you canSOME OF us only can make $6 to $7 an hour and work very hard for that money. That does not mean we cannot afford to take care of our children. Sometimes the husband or the wife leaves, and you're left doing the best that you can. I am very ashamed of the newspaper for printing such trash.

Big loss for familiesDON'T YOU people know these parents are going through enough concerning this fire? One group of parents lost their grandchild and their daughter. The other group lost their son and their grandson. You all don't think about if the boy loved the girl and the baby. He went back in trying to save them. That is how he got hurt.

Mary, the perfect motherREGARDING THE comment about parents who are working for $6 or $7 an hour: I was just wondering what the annual income was for the Virgin Mary.

No crystal ballIT'S TOUGH to be a good parent, while making minimum wage, but you can't always control such things One doesn't always plan for this to happen. It's fate. It would be nice if we all had a crystal ball.

Get out of the wayON AT least three occasions I've seen ambulances with lights flashing and sirens going, and people don't pull over. It's absolutely ridiculous. Someone's life could depend on you getting out of the way so that the ambulance can transport get to the hospital. This is not a suggestion or courtesy. It's the law. Get out of the way. Pull over to the right immediately.

It's all about loveSOME OF us parents work these low-income jobs because we have a fulfilling job or because we feel that's where we belong at the time. What matters the most is the love that they can give their kids, not what items they can give them because they make big dollars at work.

Thanks for checkingI DO volunteer work for the American Legion in Jackson. I get there early in the morning. During the snow I left my car running with the lights on. Somebody knocked at the door. It was a city policeman who said he thought he'd better check to see if everything was all right. I really appreciate it. I really thank him. Way to go, Darrell.

Scale back the voteI WOULD like to put in my two cents' worth on the taxes that the city is going to ask us to vote on. I support an increase in salaries and new equipment. If the city would put this on the ballot where I can vote for increases for city employees and scale back this fire station, because I don't believe we need a fire station that costs $1.8 million, I would vote for these taxes in this manner.

Disgusting coverage

I AM disgusted with the brutality of the media and the good people of the community. They have done nothing but drag the Moore name through the mud while the Moores watched their son suffer terribly before losing his life. The media and the public have shown total disregard for the pain and suffering the Moores have had to endure. They have lost a loving, devoted father, a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend. Timothy Moore was all those things. They have lost a beautiful grandchild and soon-to-be daughter-in-law they all loved and cared for very deeply. Timmy wanted nothing but the best for his new family, and he gave his life trying to save them from that burning shed that they did not live in, not now or ever. The Moores are a strong, devoted, resilient family. They will get over the cruelty of the media and public, but I only pray to God they can get over such tremendous loss.

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