Letter to the Editor

Complaints about little things hide potential to praise

Saturday, December 14, 2002

To the editor:

I just moved here from St. Louis, and I would like to respond to the Speak Out comment that said noisy cars are, "stepping on my right to live in a quiet home, on a quiet street, in a quiet town."

These are privileges that exist because we live in a good community. We should be thankful that, in the span of things, the most people around here have to complain about is the noise cars make, the holiday lights in Jackson and wheth-er the high school does or does not wear band uniforms in a town parade.

I snicker as I read Speak Out and thank God daily that we don't have drive-by shootings, an overabundance of school violence or astronomical numbers of homeless people to complain about in these columns.

God has blessed me with a safe place to live, and I'll be thankful for that as long as I am here. Let's all be a little more cognizant of what we take the time to complain about when there is so much praise to be given.