Friday, December 13, 2002

Bankruptcies filed through Dec. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Achter, Allen R., Sikeston, 11722

Anderson, Laurie A., Poplar Bluff, 11696

Angel, Eric W., Advance, 11752

Arthur, Denise J. and Larry J., Vanduser, 11680

Bagwell, Nita, Cape Girardeau, 11734

Bahner, Anitra D. and Clarence W., Scott City, 11723

Bailey, Mary E., Hayti, 11747

Barriner, Belvia W. and Lisa A., Poplar Bluff, 11768

Barron, Joseph H. and Mary F., Oran, 11636

Bartch, Audrey E. and Irvin E. Jr., Piedmont, 11749

Bass, Fredrick J. and Linda D., Ellington, 11718

Beasley, Deanna E. and Michael R., Perryville, 11693

Beauchamp, Bill J. and Cheri E., Perryville, 11699

Bell, Brandie K., Cape Girardeau, 11762

Biggs, Tommy J., Caruthersville, 11628

Borum, David B. and Michaela J., Cape Girardeau, 11682

Boydston, Brenda S., Steele, 11630

Boyer, Donald J., Greenville, 11741

Brookins, Joseph K. Sr. and Rebecca J., Steele, 11651

Brown, Shannon, Cape Girardeau, 11733

Bryant, Bradley A., Scott City, 11726

Buck, Byron C. and Catrena M., Cape Girardeau, 11639

Cameron, Sonny and Stacye, Dexter, 11644

Carter, Chryl A. and David W., Cape Girardeau, 11615

Carver, Amee M. and George M., Jackson, 11772

Chapman, Mildred N., Chaffee, 11646

Chapman, Pete F. Jr., Kennett, 11731

Chronister, Lawrence J. Sr. and Melissa A., Perryville, 11775

Churchill, Vesta J., Caruthersville, 11629

Clifton, Jerry M. and Julia N., Perryville, 11684

Coleman, Joseph E., Poplar Bluff, 11697

Compton, Teresa L., Cape Girardeau, 11757

Cossey, Everett C. and Janetta C., Jackson, 11642

Craft, Loretta L. and Roy V., Bernie, 11743

Crain, Jerry A. and Treva M., Fisk, 11740

Crossfield, James M., New Madrid, 11632

Crumley, Chad E. and Jennifer J., Doniphan, 11769

Davidson, Jacquline R. and William M., Fairdealing, 11665

Davis, David W. and Nicki L., Steele, 11627

Davis, Harold C., Jackson, 11654

Day, Lois J., Bunker, 11662

Desa, Eric M., Cape Girardeau, 11658

Dewitt, Jerry W. and Melissa A., Poplar Bluff, 11663

Dicus, Brenda C. and Ralph J., Kennett, 11676

Dillinger, Nicholas B., Bernie, 11647

Dodge, Joann M., Wapppello, 11766

Donley, Sandra M., Cape Girardeau, 11656

Edwards, Robert C., Cape Girardeau, 11727

Elser, Alice J. and Jimmy A., Charleston, 11652

Enmon, Mary J., Jackson, 11710

Farrow, Bryan K., Jackson, 11692

Fehr, Heather M., Scott City, 11681

Fisher, Daniel D. and Lorie L., Sikeston, 11698

Fitzpatrick, Mary J., Advance, 11614

Foster, Rita J., Poplar Bluff, 11750

Frazier, Nancy S. and Raymond D., Neelyville, 11664

Fuller, Patrick H. and Summer D., Ellsinore, 11655

Fyffe, Anita G. and Charles A., Dexter, 11641

Griffith, Angela F., Frohna, 11674

Gross, Teresa L., Benton, 11770

Gunnels, Lawrence D., Caruthersville, 11626

Hall, Howard G. and Linda L., Sedgewickville, 11776

Hardin, Clay K. and Margaret I., Qulin, 11640

Harless, April, Gideon, 11701

Haynes, Robert L., Whitewater, 11653

Hazel, Ernest T., Scott City, 11730

Hoeinghaus, Mary L., Poplar Bluff, 11616

Hoernig, Sherry L. and Steven D., Benton, 11633

Howell, Gladys, Caruthersville, 11715

Huey, Samuel L., New Madrid, 11638

Huey, Susan K., Sikeston, 11638

Huffman, April D., Jackson, 11759

James, David A., Jackson, 11735

James, Kelly, Campbell, 11716

Jameson, Robert J., Kennett, 11744

Jameson, Vonna L., Bernie, 11744

Jarrell, Clifton R. and Kathy S., Dexter, 11742

Jarrett, April D. and Robert W., Bernie, 11709

Jewel, Deidre D., Cape Girardeau, 11686

JJ&R Sander Real Estate, LLC, Jackson, 11643

Johnson, Jay J., Cape Girardeau, 11691

Jones, Michael S., Wappapello, 11766

Jordan, Carolyn J. and Keith A., Morehouse, 11648

Kembel, Barbara L. and Paul S., Jackson, 11771

Kennard, Candy R. and Timothy J., Dexter, 11756

Kiefer, Cynthia G. and Kenneth R., Perryville, 11764

Kinder, Anna R. and Stewart W., Marble Hill, 11689

King, Gracie L. and Nelson J., Jackson, 11685

King, James M. and Susan D., Cape Girardeau, 11671

Knuth, Elaina D., Steele, 11625

Knutson, Gregory K. and Marla J., Dexter, 11645

Koechner, Kandy L. and Kevin M., Advance, 11755

Laramore, Danny R. and Stella V., Bunker, 11736

Laxton, Michelle R., Marble Hill, 11773

Lempe, Jeremy A., Malden, 11617

Lovins, Danny and Deborah, Marston, 11712

Luttrull, Perry A. and Sheri L., Jackson, 11679

Lykins, James L., Essex, 11732

Lynk, Linda G. and Ronald L., Gatewood, 11717

Machado, Sheila A., Steele, 11623

Marbry, Terry R., Steele, 11624

Martin, Media D., Kennett, 11695

Massey, Timothy M., Perryville, 11635

McFarlin, Christie A. and James M., Advance, 11702

McMichael, Daniel L. and Rebecca A., Cape Girardeau, 11725

McMillian, Billy S. and Myrla K., Malden, 11720

Melvin, Barbara A. and Bruce E., Cape Girardeau, 11711

Miller, Robert G., Sikeston, 11737

Mitchell, Kara L., Dexter, 11753

Moore, Aretha and Rickey E., Sikeston, 11745

Moore, Rhenda, Cape Girardeau, 11687

Moran, Bessie L., Dexter, 11649

Mosley, Rebecca, Poplar Bluff, 11767

Mouser, Regina L. and Scott A., Cape Girardeau, 11700

Napier, Ginalei and Randal S., Cape Girardeau, 11761

Nickels, Jeffery M. and Karen L., Scott City, 11672

Norton, Linda L. and Wilford L., Clarkton, 11707

Otte, Lynnette M., Perryville, 11763

Page, Bettina A. and Larry P. Sr., Piedmont, 11659

Pahssen, Kathy L., Sikeston, 11703

Patterson, Brad and Wendi, Portageville, 11714

Payne, Terrence, Benton, 11724

Penrod, April L., Jackson, 11670

Pickens, Jeffery B., Bloomfield, 11754

Pounders, Harold B. and Merry E., Poplar Bluff, 11765

Proffer, Lisa, Jackson, 11774

Purdom, Archie J. Jr. and Kathryn H., Birch Tree, 11688

Raynor, Jay E. and Tina M., Dexter, 11637

Ricks, Vickie O., Caruthersville, 11622

Riehn, Debra S. and Rodney W., Jackson, 11683

Roberts, Bobby J. and Olivia A., Perryville, 11634

Rogers, Lena M., Dexter, 11650

Roth, Lee A., Jackson, 11694

Schwartz, Gloria K. and Lloyd L., Fredericktown, 11661

Seabaugh, Glenda S., Jackson, 11758

Shell, Larry J., Wardell, 11690

Shelton, Carolyn S., Poplar Bluff, 11751

Shivers, Diana K. and Joseph C., Steele, 11618

Smith, David L. and Pauline R., Jackson, 11631

Smith, Mary G. and Michael K., Cape Girardeau, 11746

Smithmier, Dana R. and Tony C., Arbyrd, 11621

Spradling, Lori A., Harviell, 11666

Stafford, Michelle and Mike, Portageville, 11706

Stockton, J. Scott and Tonya G., Qulin, 11739

Stone, James L. and Ova J., Hayti, 11708

Strop, Robert L., Cape Girardeau, 11675

Sullivan, James F. and Lois A., Piedmont, 11738

Swansey, Tamar, Cape Girardeau, 11673

Swift, Jim and Linda F., Jackson, 11728

Thompson, David L., Cape Girardeau, 11677

Tosh, Betty L., Fredericktown, 11660

Tucker, Marget, Portageville, 11705

Turner, Joyce A., Hayti, 11619

Venable, Doloris A. and John A., 11657

Walls, Trisha L., Scott City, 11760

Watts, Matthew R., Perryville, 11669

Webb, Gregory S., Jackson, 11729

Wells, Lendell R., Qulin, 11719

Whittle, Sandra K., Poplar Bluff, 11668

Williams, Betty L. and Charles E., Sikeston, 11748

Wilson, Sheila L. and Timothy F., Sikeston, 11704

Wilson, Sherry L., Caruthersville, 11620

Wright, Beverly, Kennett, 11713

Yahn, Doris J., Chaffee, 11678

Yebra, Phyllis A., Puxico, 11667

Young, Claudia, Portageville, 11721

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