Discount store opened by former retiree

Friday, December 13, 2002

Business Today

SIKESTON - After 38 years in business, Farrell Wilson could have taken up a rocking chair and sat back to enjoy retirement. Yet instead of a rocking, he began a business venture -- Wilson's Rock Bottom Discount.

"I tell folks this is my 401K," said Wilson, smiling as he stands behind the counter of his business.

The store opened Sept. 1 at 803 Davis Blvd. It offers a variety of merchandise. The shelves hold everything from car batteries to cookware to CD players, and tools, toys, even trailer hitches.

Wilson said that as he approached retirement at Lewis Furniture, he knew he wanted a new challenge. He became aware of a similar discount store that was doing well and decided to give it a try.

The merchandise filling the shelves is brought in by trucks from out-of-state suppliers. All of it is new, Wilson said, along with some items accepted as returns from the original store.

The store has been welcomed by Sikeston and area residents.

"I had one guy who said he saw how small the building was and didn't think this would be much, but when he walked in and saw how well it was stocked, he said he was surprised, pleasantly surprised," said Wilson.

Wilson said he has enjoyed visits from many of his former customers.

"I'm having a good time," he said. "Now I'm getting to do it all -- owner, clerk and handyman."

Well almost all. Assisting Wilson at the store and co-owner of Rock Bottom Discount is his wife, Mildred.

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