Pearl Harbor- A lesson to remember

Saturday, December 7, 2002

Sixty-one years ago today, skies over Hawaii filled with the sound of roaring airplane engines, falling bombs and anguished cries.

It was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which pushed the United States into World War II.

The attack hardly took two hours. In that time, 2,330 Americans died, and the Pacific Fleet was destroyed.

The servicemen who survived will no doubt have painful memories today, along with all of the brave men and women who defended our nation during World War II. However, all of us should be thinking about that "day that will live in infamy," as President Franklin Roosevelt called it in an address to Congress. It was a valuable lesson about what can happen to an unprepared America.

Today, we face an enemy also given to sneak attacks. This time, our military men and women are ready for battle.

They deserve our full support, as do the veterans who made sacrifices all those years ago. We salute and honor you.

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