Speak Out 12/06/02

Friday, December 6, 2002

We need immigrants

AMERICA'S economy needs foreign immigration. With the baby boomers getting older, we don't have enough young workers, so we have to import them. A recent study published in the Guardian Unlimited concluded that the economic boom of the 1990s was fueled by the immigration of 9 million illegal aliens and 4.5 million legally documented workers. The study also concluded that the eastern seaboard is floundering financially because it is not attracting enough immigrants. And, contrary to racist suppositions, the majority of new Americans are coming from eastern Asia, not Mexico.

Nuisance leaf burning

I DO not think we should allow any leaf burning in Cape Girardeau where there is scheduled pickup by the city. There is someone in our neighborhood who let leaves smolder for two days straight. You could not go outside and not cough. I wish the wind would have been blowing toward their house.

Comfortable silence

IF YOU are silent in the face of injustice, you become part of the injustice yourself. The people of Afghanistan suffered horribly under the Taliban. It will take many years for the country to rebuild. But it is rebuilding. The people of Iraq are suffering horribly under Saddam Hussein. Babies die there not because, as some argue, there is an economic embargo supported by the United States. Anyone who believes that doesn't recognize that the embargo allows medicine and food to be imported. Saddam Hussein is the one who denies his people these goods. By doing so, he hopes to dupe American college professors and their students into blaming the United States for atrocities. The United States is not the cause of Iraqi tyranny, just as we were not the cause of the Taliban's brutal repression of women. If the United States is to be blamed, it is for wanting to stay comfortable behind our own borders and not wanting to get involved.

Cannot appease evil

PERHAPS THE anti-war protesters, who argue that America is concerned about Iraq only because of our addiction to oil would prefer Jews be burned again to make human oil. Hitler did that once, you know. Shame on us for forgetting the lessons of World War II. Thank God President Bush has not. You cannot appease evil.

A blind eye

PRESIDENT BUSH convinced the United Nations to issue strict standards for Iraq's weapons program. The bureaucrats there could not ignore the danger of Saddam Hussein developing weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile, local protesters denounce our president with a blind eye to the danger that a megalomaniac with biological weapons presents to the Middle East and American security. These protesters say Bush and oil are to blame. I say it is their fixation on oil and environmental extremism that makes them ignore the criminality and danger of Saddam.

Believing in Santa

TEACHERS, PLEASE do not take it upon yourself to tell our children if Santa is real or not -- no matter what grade. Recently, I picked my child up from school to hear, "Mom, I know." Thinking each year would be the last to believe, I really was enjoying the wonder. Not only was it robbed from my child, but also from me. Please remind everyone: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Call the sheriff

I WOULD like to respond to the caller complaining about untarped trucks. I also am fed up with the disrespect shown by these drivers. I travel Highway 74 daily. At least two or three times a week I get behind trucks piled with gravel and no tarp. Last week one pulled right out in front of me. Fellow drivers of Highway 74, do not risk your safety. Call your sheriff's department when you see these trucks untarped.

Free propaganda

WHILE MISSOURI Attorney General Jay Nixon is at it, he needs to see that we no longer receive unsolicited mail from public officials sent at taxpayer expense. Though purporting to be informative, the material is little more than propaganda.

That's not news

PLEASE STOP trying to shock me to death with stunning front-page headlines to the effect that Missouri public officials bestow monstrous tax breaks upon Missouri's big businesses.

Being like Christ

CHRISTIANS, REALIZE that as we go along with unjust wars and unjust policies, non-believers are watching the degree to which we're willing to follow Christ's teachings regarding being peacemakers, being loving, recognizing Christ in "the least of these my brethren" and so on. Let us not be in denial about our own hypocrisy regarding foreign policies, including those toward Iraq. I know some who have left our faith because they've found higher percentages of those of other faiths who are more like Christ, although not Christian. We can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?

War is necessary

I'VE NOTICED all the pro-Saddam Hussein commentary in Speak Out lately. Now your online poll suggests to me that a concerted effort was made to slant those results too. For those who are staying quiet on the sidelines, I suggest you call Speak Out or write a letter to the editor. Those who apologize for Saddam Hussein and blame the United States for the human rights disaster in Iraq are either naive or they have political motives against the U.S. military and our national leadership. Hussein is a brutal dictator of the worst kind. He kills his political opponents, including his own family members, on a whim if he doubts their loyalty in any way. He has gassed his own people. War is never a good option. But sometimes it is necessary.

Nicotine and obesity

I JUST read David Limbaugh's column about the lawsuit against McDonald's. Where was he when the lawsuits were brought against Big Tobacco? I agree our society blames anyone with money for our unhealthy habits. Why aren't the parents held accountable for their own actions and the actions of their children when it comes to health habits? No one forced anyone to eat that Big Mac or smoke that Winston. Both are addictive and cause health problems.

Snowy beauty

I KNOW the snow causes problems, but it's so beautiful.

Fatty school menus

I WAS reading through the school menus in the Southeast Missourian. After an imaginary heart attack, a quick recovery brought forth several questions. If fat people can sue McDonald's, could not the children of the American school system sue the schools for helping them to develop heart disease early? The fat-enriched diets that are served at the schools on a daily basis are a tragedy to childhood nutrition.

Dangerous vandalism

I WONDER if the person who tore down the highway signs between Oran and Chaffee and placed them in the highway is proud of himself. I'm sure it damaged some vehicles and could have caused some serious accidents. What people will do nowadays for entertainment.

Signals aren't working

THE NEW traffic signals at Sprigg Street and Normal Avenue aren't working properly. You can sit there for several minutes waiting for the turn arrow or to go straight.

No parental control

MANY WONDER why we have problem children. I've observed parents in stores, restaurants and doctors' offices. There's no supervision. The children are running wild. Parents expect waitresses or office personnel to watch their youngsters while they're watching TV, reading or stuffing their faces. Failure to teach your children right from wrong should be a crime.

Uncalled-for rudeness

AS A participant in the Parade of Lights on Sunday, I just wanted to say I thought everything was wonderful and well-organized. Unfortunately there was a police officer at the end of the parade lineup who was rude to all of the parade participants. I think it's very unfortunate that when people spend their time and energy to give back to the community, they are talked to in such a way that is so negative.

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