Kill Your TV

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

by Mix 96.5 Personality Jason Parker

Someone please tell Hardees that the great majority of us are not buying their diarrhea burger. They call it the "Double Chili Cheeseburger". Have you seen the commercials for it yet? Some guy sitting in his apartment with khaki pants on, eating it and suddenly a pile of what they call chili, but what looks more like the product of a heavy night of drinking, squirts out on his pants. Then the obnoxious voice over guy comes on and says "if you don't want chili fries with it, that's too bad" just as our heroine uses his fries to scrape the pseudo-fecal matter off of his pants and proceeds to eat it. Why on God's green Earth would they want to promote the fact that it's more trouble than it is really worth and that the greatest contribution this fast food blunder has to offer the world is stained clothes and heartburn?

It's like medicine with "side effects". You don't see pharmaceutical companies proudly stating in their commercials that their acid reflux medicine causes severe bloating, headache, abdominal distention, and diarrhea. "If you don't want to have an unstoppable bowel movement on your way to your big date, too bad" as the obnoxious voice guy would say. Instead they throw that stuff in at the end in fine print.

Speaking of fine print and those who can't read it or very large print for that matter, when are they going to regulate senior citizen driver's rights? I was almost hit head on while driving Mt. Auburn road because some blue haired member of our community was literally driving head on in my lane. Mt. Auburn is hazardous enough on your car with all the potholes and horrible road grade so must we endanger our lives? From the time we were old enough to understand the freedom that a car brings to the time that we were getting our learners permits and studying for our driving tests we were repeatedly reminded by the state of Missouri that driving is a privilege not a right. If that is true then senior citizen drivers must be regulated. But that will happen around the same time that they decide to fix the bumps on Mt. Auburn and get the bridge completed. 2030 looks open, I think.

Next month we'll discuss the quality of healthcare in southeast Missouri and how to avoid getting bamboozled by healthcare providers nationwide. Here is a hint. If you have insurance and still get a bill from the provider, DO NOT PAY IT. They are trying to get you to pay for their mistake because they messed up in dealing with your insurance company. Keep everything your insurance company ever sends you on file for a long time. My wife's healthcare provider "forgot" to pre-certify one of her procedures a few weeks ago and sent us a bill for a few thousand dollars. Thankfully we kept the piece of paper from the insurance company that listed patient responsibility as ZERO and provider responsibility as the exact amount the "mistakenly" tried to bill us for. If you think insurance companies are sinister, imagine how bad the billing departments of healthcare providers can be. They're trying to screw the insurance company. Who would have thought that was possible.

Till then you know what to do.

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