Ron MacCubbin, bodybuilding

Thursday, December 5, 2002

Ron MacCubbin has been lifting weights for the last 13 years. It wasn't until four years ago that he decided he wanted to compete in the sport of bodybuilding.

"I had a friend who was competing and he asked me if I would come to one of his shows," said MacCubbin of Cape Girardeau. "I went and I liked it and now that's what I do."

Not long after that, MacCubbin said, he fell in love with the sport. Now he spends five days a week in the gym at Southeast Missouri State University. He trains Sunday through Thursday and lifts a different body part every day except for his biceps and triceps routine, which he combines into one day.

The married 33-year-old Cape Girardeau resident is an expectant father, which could hold him out of some competitions this year. He said he plans to compete whenever he gets the chance.

MacCubbin has competed in five shows and finished in the top five in all but one show. His highest finish was a three way tie for first in the Show-Me Naturals last year.

MacCubbin is a natural bodybuilder, meaning he competes drug-free and mostly enters natural bodybuilding shows like the Show-Me-Naturals.

"I like competing in the natural shows better," MacCubbin says. "You're up against people you know are natural. There is nobody who is taking enhanced drugs competiting."

MacCubbin is a part of the year-old Southeast Bodybuilding Team that took seven members to the Show-Me-Naturals in 2002.

"I plan on doing this the rest of my life," he says. "I love it. I'm striving for a sole first'place finish and to be able to move up a division."

MacCubbin says he's interested in seeing others succeed in the sport as well. He trains Kyle Kuba, who as an 18-year-old won the teenage division of the Show-Me-Naturals last year.

The sport may be mentally and physically challenging with diet changes and workouts every day, but MacCubbin says it's all worth it when he is on the stage competiting.

"It's pretty awesome if you do a good enough routine and get the crowd behind you," he says. "Everyone is yelling for you, appreciating all your hard work. It's an amazing feeling."

-- David Unterreiner

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