FanSpeak 12/1/02

Sunday, December 1, 2002

More, more, more

WHILE I think that Notre Dame should have received more coverage for winning a state title than a team they have beaten consistently over the past five years got for losing a game they lose every year, I also think that soccer in general deserves more coverage in the newspaper and on the Web site. While some of your older readers probably don't care at all about soccer, readers in their 20s do, and I think the Southeast Missourian is behind the curve on this one.

Love for polls

WILL WE be seeing high school basketball polls for Southeast Missouri-area teams this season?

Yes. The first regional polls for boys' and girls' teams will be released soon.

A done deal

A NOTE to the people who complained about the lack of high school soccer coverage, consider your job done. Including all your complaints in the newspaper, you've gotten more coverage than all other high school sports combined. Can we drop the issue now?

Same ol' Bengals

CONCERNING THE Bengals: You hit it totally on the head, except you should have mentioned that as long as Mike Brown owns the Bengals, fans better get use to more seasons of 3-13 football.

All-conference confusion

I SAW the SEMO all-conference teams, and I noticed a particular player who received honorable mention. This is great that the kids get recognition, but I think you should have to earn it before it's given to you. Maybe there is a reason for this, but if there is, maybe someone can tell us how this could happen.

Coaches choose the all-conference teams. Media members choose the all-region and all-state teams.

Look out for the Cubs

THE CARDINALS better watch out for Dusty Baker's Cubs next season. It might just finally be time for the Cubs to win it all.

Where's Hayti?

I HIT your site trying to find out information about the Hayti Indians football team in the state football playoffs. I live in Sioux Falls, S.D., and went to your site to learn more about the team. Perhaps they are too far south for coverage, but it certainly is not an every-year experience for a Southeast Missouri team to be in the state finals.

Scores and schedules from the state football playoffs have appeared regularly in our printed newspaper. That information, however, does not always appear on our Web site.

Time to ship Warner

INTERESTING CHOICE you have for a Web poll question this week regarding the Rams' starting quarterback. My proposal for an even better question: How quickly should the Rams put Kurt Warner on the trading block?

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