Speak Out 11/29/02

Friday, November 29, 2002

Reasons for turnover

BUSINESSES WITH high employee turnover have to run frequent help-wanted ads because they are usually guilty of two things: poor hiring decisions and poor training. Conduct quality interviews and invest time in training new employees. And treat them like human beings, not an employee number. Companies with high turnover reflect inadequate management.

Sharing the smell

ALMOST EVERYONE I work with smokes. At break time, everyone goes right outside the door to light up. Sometimes we have meetings outside, and everyone's smoking. Shouldn't employees have to smoke away from the door to protect the air that I breathe? I shouldn't have to put up with secondhand smoke at work. I go home smelling like smoke, and my husband thinks I've been to the bars.

Hoping for the best

I WORK at one of those companies that runs help-wanted ads looking for people with positive attitudes. There are many reasons why employees don't stay, and it's not because this is a fun place to work. Management is describing how they would like the company to be, not how it actually is.

Stoplights needed

THAT FOUR-WAY stop at Siemers and Lambert drives in front of Sam's is an accident waiting to happen. The road, the layout of the turn lanes and the stop signs are very dangerous. The stop signs need to be replaced with stoplights. And the flashing red lights in the right turn lanes at Siemers and William Street need to be removed.

Tinkering with design

I'M READING your story about the Missouri quarter. I can't believe what a spokesman for the U.S. Mint said to explain why mint designers changed the trees from the original design. He says, "The research we did indicated foliage along the bank of the Missouri at that time was not real lush and thick." Hey, there wasn't an arch back then either. This statement has no credibility whatsoever. Those of us who live in Missouri see more foliage like our own artist originally designed the quarter than the way the federal government designed it. If the U.S. Mint was so obsessed by its perception of historic reality, how could it screw up the shape of the arch?

Tightwad taxpayers

YOUR COGENT piece on the complexities of public school funding made one thing crystal clear. When it comes to local taxpayer support, taxpayers in the Cape Girardeau School District are tightwads. Though the district has a relatively high assessed property valuation, taxpayers are unwilling to support the public schools with local money commensurate with that of other relatively wealthy districts. In order to try to remedy this, Cape Girardeau schools and others in a similar situation are attempting to get the state to pick up the shortfall. And guess who these school districts think will get the job done for them? None other than the erstwhile anti-redistribution-of-the-wealth Republicans now in control of the Legislature. It just might happen. Realistically, however, Republicans will revert to form and finesse themselves around foolish teachers and teacher organizations manipulated into believing Republicans were the key to saving financially strapped public schools.

Free speech?

TO THE jogger complaining about the slurs and rude remarks made to him: The ones making the remarks are American citizens too and have their freedom of speech.

A ridiculous law

THERE IS a law in Missouri called the Abuse and Lose Law. It says that if a person under 21 gets charged with any drug offense, he automatically loses his license. I think that law is ridiculous, because a person can lose his license for possession of marijuana even if he wasn't driving. This is a terrible law, because its effects are long-standing and have nothing to do with the actual crime.

I'M GLAD to see ministers speaking out on public moral issues. Let's see if I understand them. Buying an SUV is immoral. Buying a hybrid car that gets slightly more miles per gallon than the average car is moral. Liberating the people of Iraq from a brutal dictator while diminishing the threat of terrorism in the world is immoral. Protesting American troops who seek to prevent another terrorist attack is moral. Questioning the moral character of a president who has an affair in the Oval Office and supports abortion is immoral. Condemning a president who persuades the United Nations to threaten force if international laws are not followed is moral. To these church leaders I say: Your political pronouncements are harming your religious credibility.

Aquatic center will pass

FOR THOSE who want to see Cape Girardeau grow, I have two words for you: aquatic center. This is a great thing for families and the city's tax base. Tell city officials to put the aquatic center on the ballot, separately or with other city projects. It doesn't matter. This thing will pass.

Informative coverage

CONGRATULATIONS to the Southeast Missourian for carrying an extensive and informative article on hybrid vehicles. You gave the event coverage and the readers some information. Thanks.

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