Speak Out 11/23/02

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Slap in the face

AFTER I read about Operation Christmas Child in the newspaper, I was going to help out with shipping costs until I read that the boxes cannot have used items or war-related toys like guns or knives. I think it's a slap in the face to Americans who are at war.

Proud Democrat

I'M A Democrat and proud of it. We were all created equal. We are all Americans. And, yes, we know how to vote. Some of us become doctors, farmers or laborers. Where would you be without them? Some of the best presidents have been Democrats. We are all one nation under God, and we should respect one another. Our finest young people went to war. Many never came back. Some came back without arms or legs. Others had scars that no one saw, except those who love them. These were not the little people. Now they're threatening another war that should have been finished in Desert Storm. My prayer is this: God bless America.

Too rushed for safety

I'D LIKE to say something to the person who is too much in a hurry to slow down in a highway construction zone. Are you in such a hurry that you can't be safe?

Slow down for safety

I'D LIKE to make a comment about people who don't like to slow down in a construction zone. I used to work in a highway construction zone holding the stop sign. There have been so many times that motorists would not slow down. Do you want to be flying down the road when all of a sudden the traffic in front of you is stopped? Slowing down will save lives, not to mention the life of the person holding the sign. Don't be so impatient. If you're in a hurry, too impatient and can't slow down, take a plane. Impatience is going to get someone killed. Think about that.

God not involved

A SPEAK Out caller asks God to bless all the states that voted Democratic in the election. I don't think God had anything to do with electing these souls.

Poor management

THE VERY fact that Cape Girardeau has outspent its revenue for the last three years shows poor management. If households operated on that level, we'd all be on welfare. Now the city wants the taxpayers to take up the slack and pay for the city's mismanagement. Any financial advisor will tell you to learn to live within your budget. Stop creating million-dollar projects to support at taxpayers' expense.

New protest focus

PRESIDENT BUSH has reorganized federal government more than ever since World War II, and it's a good thing. Now Bush has control of many federal government employees so he can fire them at will. I suggest that war protesters get their minds off the war in Iraq and look to what the administration is doing right now.

Parents: Take initiative

I'M A teacher and have 162 kids every day. I have to grade papers. I have to file reports for my school district. I have to do all kinds of things. I also attend outside activities for my students because they find that's important and I think it's important for them. I have my own family when I go home. Schools have more problem kids today than we've ever had, because parents don't get the job done. If parents are aware their children have problems at school, what are they doing about it? Are they restricting them? Are they staying in touch with teachers? We get slapped down so many times when we contact a parent that sometimes we're almost afraid to. I have been told by parents not to call them. If you're aware your child has a problem, take the initiative and contact the teachers.

Matinees during week

I REALLY think the Cape Girardeau area is large enough to have movie theaters open for a mid-day showing during the week. We have homemakers, shift workers, day care workers and seniors who would enjoy an outing when schools are in session.

REGARDING YOUR story about the licensing of coffins by the University of Missouri: God is a Penn State fan.

Trailer for scooters

I THINK that it's very responsible of the Missouri Veterans Home to not want to put the motorized scooters inside the van when they transport some of the veterans. I understand the scooters could be dangerous if there was an accident. But I wonder if they could possibly get a trailer to pull behind the van. That way the veterans could still use those scooters whenever they get to where they're going.

Active parenting

I WANT to comment on the person who said teachers should call before grades come out if a child isn't doing well. I am the parent of three boys. I understand the concern, but the solution to the problem is not blaming the teachers. Nowadays, class sizes are so big that it's hard for them to do their jobs and have a home life. I look at my boys' backpacks the minute they come home. I'm very active the school and talk to the teachers. You will have an idea on how well your children's doing by looking at their work and being active in their school.

Uncaring attitude

I'M CALLING bullies on school buses in Jackson. My 8-year-old son was kicked in the mouth on the bus. He was most upset that he had told the bus driver about it, and the bus driver said the bully didn't mean to kick him. The bully tried to kick him two times before actually making contact. I called the Jackson transportation director.. There seemed to be little concern about the condition of my child. I felt that the situation was going to be swept under the rug. Where's the Jackson School District I knew when I attended these schools? I'm afraid they're gone forever.

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