RSVP participants serve their communities

Saturday, November 23, 2002

A quick read through the list of hundreds of Retired Senior Volunteer Program participants yields many familiar names.

They're our former teachers, government leaders and coworkers.

But instead of retiring to a life of travel and leisure -- although we hope they're enjoying plenty of those things too -- these talented and energetic seniors have decided to use their newfound free time to keep making a contribution to their community.

The local RSVP program covers Cape Girardeau and Scott counties. It began with just a few volunteers in 1973 under the auspices of the Chaffee Housing Authority.

Today, there are 587 volunteers serving in rehabilitation centers, church groups and elsewhere.

They provide tutoring, clerical work, respite care and a number of other services.

The program is open to those age 55 and older.

To join, interested persons may call the Chaffee office at 887-3664, the Cape Girardeau office at 335-7555 or the Sikeston office at 471-8584.

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