Speak Out A 11/19/02

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Pushing boundaries

AS A former theater student, I have been privileged to see a variety of productions ranging from the more traditional such as Shakespeare to the more avant-garde such as John Guare. In all the shows I have seen, there are some that you could say push the boundaries of what is in good taste. What those who feel threatened when these boundaries are encroached upon forget is that there are age limits to such shows. If this particular play is worthy of age restrictions, rest assured that they will be enforced. Remember that these are college students.

Setting priorities

IN RESPONSE to the "Pick a candidate" comment: Amen. I'm sick to death of people putting their party's interests ahead of the country's. And the same goes for people who think what happens to their union is more important than what happens to hard-working people.

Attack policy

I'M JUST an average person, but I've got to say this new foreign policy is nuts. We're supposed to go in and attack countries who might attack us, even if there's not even any evidence? I'd bet there are a lot of countries that somebody might believe would attack us in the future. Are we supposed to go around attacking everybody?

Variety of opinions

I WANT to thank the Southeast Missourian for providing a much-needed public forum for a discussion of the war in Iraq. The newspaper has often presented alternative and dissenting viewpoints in the letters and in Speak Out which balance the editorials. Many heartfelt thanks. We've still got democracy in Cape Girardeau.

Informed dissent

WE DISSENTERS may not have as much information available to us as George Bush does, but I can tell you that I read world news from three international sources daily. I get political news from at least four sources, from the alternative left to CNN and BBC to the right. I also take numerous publications on related issues, and I am a lifelong student of history, politics and society. I truly don't mean to be snotty, but I've got a lot of information from a lot of sources. I'll exercise my right -- no, my responsibility -- to dissent at this time.

Best in a long time

"Psychiatry on trial" is the best thing I've read in a long time. Thanks.

THERE ARE very few world leaders who are backing President Bush in an unprovoked invasion. They are backing the reintroduction of inspections. There are many leaders who oppose this war, and they are all geographically closer to Iraq than we are. Of course the president should defend the country. But is this the right priority at this time? There are situations that are much more threatening to the United States than Iraq. Where are we heading here? Bomb and invade anyone who might possibly be a threat at any time in the future? Is that really the solution to national security?

Civil discourse

TO ENGAGE in intelligent debate is healthy. When you are talking about thousands of people dying, what better time to question? Is protesting war unpatriotic? I don't think so. It is our moral obligation to stand up for what we believe in. Everyone doesn't have to agree. Mutual respect would be nice. How about common courtesy? Many men in my family served in the military, and I was always proud of them. When my brother came back from Vietnam and protested the war, that was his right. He earned it. Now I find myself opposing a war. I don't need to be told to move to Iraq because I don't want to see many people die. Please be civil. Hateful attitudes do not set a good example.

I HAVE never worked in a construction zone. However, being involved in the marketing aspect of a large construction company, I know what it is like to be out there. I've taken numerous pictures in those construction areas. My main complaint is how MoDOT places signs for lower speed limits two miles before you actually need to slow down. You should only have to slow down when you actually get to the construction zone. The way it is now, the Missouri State Highway Patrol can write people tickets with minimum fines of $250 when you aren't even close to the construction zone. I wish people would see that it is only for the good of the government that they slow you down so far ahead of time.

Great friends, great read

Heidi Hall's story about friends was a delight, and what wonderful photographs of dear friends.

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