Letter to the Editor

First Baptist has vision as church of 21st century

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

To the editor:

A number of people have heard of possible changes here at the First Baptist Church of Cape Girardeau. I would like to elucidate some of our development details for the community.

On Oct. 27, during a called church conference, we voted to pursue the sale of our church campus and to relocate. We took this action not out of financial difficulty, but as a step in faith. We feel led to exercise innovative options. We want to be broader and more flexible for the generations ahead. We are truly seeking God's leadership and have a desire to do his kingdom's work.

It is a challenge not only of imagination but also of letting go of familiar surroundings and habits. I think we are demonstrating a fresh spiritual interest in doing ministry rather than focusing on the past or on material things.

We are on a new journey, a bright, progressive, cooperative and comprehensive sense of mission. We hope to be a new type of church for this 21st century, a church of transformation. Our dream is of a new future formed by our faith in the Lord of new beginnings.

At present we have not sold our buildings nor purchased other properties. We are only in the visioning stage.

The Rev. J.L. WHITE


First Baptist Church

Cape Girardeau