Mizzou summons school spirit by licensing coffins

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- For fans whose enthusiasm for the home team refuses to die, even after they do, the University of Missouri-Columbia has the solution.

Those looking to extend school spirit beyond the grave can now purchase an officially licensed Missouri coffin.

Linda Gilbert, program director for licensing at Missouri, said the university has licensed Collegiate Memorials of Macon, Ga., to produce the coffins.

Available in various woods and metal, the coffins feature the Missouri insignia sewn into the velvet interior and cost from $1,590 to $2,390.

Collegiate Memorials President Scott Walston said no Missouri coffins have been sold. But Walston said the company is not yet marketing in Missouri.

Gilbert said she has heard of even more spirited funeral products.

"I have heard some schools have caskets that can play the fight song," she said.

Missouri only licenses Collegiate Memorials' version, and Walston said his company's designs are "very traditional."

"We don't do anything outlandish," he said.

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