Speak Out 11/11/02

Monday, November 11, 2002

Teen treatment

I CAN'T believe some of the treatment I receive at some stores because I'm a teenager. It's terrible that just because of my age I'm stereotyped as soon as I enter the store and don't receive the assistance older customers get.

Ready for arts campus

I'D JUST love to see the River Campus completed. As a high school student, I plan on going into art. So seeing those promised dollars being put to use would encourage me to go to SEMO rather than elsewhere far away from home.

Time to get a spine

MAYBE THE Democratic Party will learn from this debacle that it should adopt a new tactic. Instead of following Republicans to the right-wing fringe where the current congressional GOP caucus has staked its position, the Democrats should adopt positions that reflect human, social and environmental justice. A strong articulation of such positions helped candidates willing to adopt it. Candidates who simply tried a me-too position failed. After all, given a choice between a Republican and a me-too Democrat, why vote Democratic? We have suffered this Democratic weakness in the 8th Congressional District for far too long. Democrats: Get a spine. Take a stand. And argue it. The rewards will be greater than your current spinelessness earns.

Power isn't needed

NOW THAT Kinder Morgan has backed out of its proposal to build an electricity-generating plant in Cape Girardeau County, it's time to look at the real reason they backed out of the deal. There's too much electric power available in the Midwest to require a plant. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from northwestern Illinois told me that a plant similar to that proposed in Cape Girardeau County that was ready to start construction with all permits issued had been stopped because there was no need for the power at this time.

Timing of NPR story

I JUST read columnist Mona Charen's attack on NPR. I'm glad it didn't appear until after the local NPR station, KRCU, had completed its annual fund drive. It would be unfortunate to lose our classical music station because its news service is too sympathetic to the Palestinians.

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