Letter to the Editor

Telemarketers should provide opt-out system

Sunday, November 10, 2002

To the editor:

Of course politicians are exempt from the no-call list. Do you think they would pass something that adversely affected their campaigning. What I object to is the fact that they use computerized calls with no way to request that you be put on their no-call list.

I believe that every single telemarketer -- including charities and politicians -- should be required to provide some way for you to be removed from their call list. If they cannot do that with the computerized calls, then they should not be allowed to make them unless they have specific permission to call.

If I sign up for a contest or something and give out my phone number, I realize it means I am giving them permission to call. But just because I am a registered voter, I have not given politicians permission to call me five times in less than one hour the week before elections.