Speak Out A 11/09/02

Saturday, November 9, 2002

Wonderful road

I JUST read where somebody is griping about Highway 25 south of Jackson. If you really want to see a good road that has just been repaired, travel County Road 620 in Cape Girardeau County. It is wonderful.

Rude treatment

I DON'T see why when you have surgery in this town it is impossible to get in touch with your surgeon for a question or two afterwards and have to suffer at the hands of a rude office worker. St. Louis and Memphis are not very far away and doctors there no doubt would be glad to take patients and treat them like human beings.

The negative side

I SEE where the Fed is talking about lowering interest rates again. It's a shame what they're doing to people's life savings and how little we draw on our CDs and savings bonds.

Wishing the best

REGARDING THE news of the guardsmen leaving for Bosnia in January. Good luck to you all. May God be with each and every one of you. No one can make you feel low. You all are proudly serving our country. Good luck, Andy, from your longtime next-door friend.

Another solution

THAT WAS an interesting editorial about the pledge-drive alternative for PBS. I have another suggestion that would not only lessen, but end the need for pledge drives: Abolish PBS.

Building character

THE REASON gravel is being used instead of blacktop on County Road 351 is to build character and strengthen motivation. Gravel toughens the will of drivers who start sliding down steep hills. As a result, they become more determined and better people. It's like the moral to the story, "The Little Engine That Could."

I WISH politicians had to abide by the no-call law.

Selling to Cuba

WOULD THE farm produce sold to Cuba have to be subsidized by U.S. taxpayers to make up the difference between what Cubans could pay for the produce and what that same produce brings in America? Or would America's price for produce increase to compensate for the low price Cubans can pay?

Old-age welfare

I'M A senior, and I'm so disgusted with many senior citizens wanting more and more every time they open their mouths. They don't even mention saddling our young people with a huge deficit. It's like they're owed this. A fair benefit is compassionate and expected, but we have the same whining every election, voting for the highest bidder. It's a disgrace and just plan greed. They never want to know where their old-age welfare is coming from. It's out of the pockets and the mouths of others.

I DON'T think people move to Jackson just to take school field trips. That's just part of the whole package that makes the Jackson schools perceived as better by some. The time my child went, parents were invited. It was very educational, and I'm glad my child had that opportunity. If anything, the trips can be improved on.

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