Out of the past 11/6/02

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

10 years ago: Nov. 6, 1992

City of Cape Girardeau this week welcomed four new police officers on staff, but officials say it will be at least next year before city confronts shortage in detectives on force; replacing four policemen who have resigned in past six months are Brian W. Ritter, Kelly B. Kenser, Arthur L. Hammonds and Eddie Webb Jr.

Missouri Highway and Transportation Commissioner John Oliver Jr. of Cape Girardeau says he's pleased voters rejected proposed constitutional amendment that would have authorized construction of toll roads and bridges; but Oliver warns that Tuesday's defeat doesn't mean a dead end for possible toll roads in future; in fact, Oliver and other highway commissioners believe tolls provide way to fund road construction projects that otherwise wouldn't be funded.

25 years ago: Nov. 6, 1977

Congregation of Scriptural Evangelical Lutheran Church holds ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate upcoming work on first-floor addition to church; ceremony follows morning worship service; architect for work is Thomas C. Holshouser; church building committee consists of pastor, the Rev. H.D. Gieschen; Paul Kirchhoff, chairman of congregation.

McClure, Ill. - Creek bed being cleaned out under federal grant was flooded over weekend when someone opened floodgate; floodgate connecting old natural stream bed with drainage ditch was opened allowing between two and four feet of water to gush into work area; some residents of McClure area had voiced opposition to cleanup project in old Clear Creek bed.

50 years ago: Nov. 6, 1952

Proposal for organization of Cape Girardeau Fire Department into unit to provide protection for property in rural areas of Cape Girardeau County and those of adjacent Southern Illinois is being advanced by Fire Commissioner Roy Smith; he has requested farmers and owners of business property in two sections who are interested in joining such protective group to contact him at main fire station.

Burglars take estimated $1,400 worth of firearms and shells in break-in at Cape Boating Co., 10 N. Sprigg, in evening; intruders apparently flee when proprietor, Roy Cais, returns to store at 8:40, after being away only two hours.

75 years ago: Nov. 6, 1927

With official opening only week away, final arrangements are being made for community religious meeting which Cape Girardeau churches will hold at Houck Field House, beginning Nov. 14; sermons for revival will be delivered by local ministers, except on two nights, when Dr. M. Ashby Jones of St. Louis and Dr. Chappell of Memphis will be speakers.

Unpaved gap between Esther and Farmington on Highway 61 was closed last week, when pavement between Wells Filling Station and Esther was completed; this brings concrete ribbon from St. Louis down to Farmington.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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