Letter to the Editor

Quality of life is a choice we all must make

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

To the editor:

We all have choices. Some of us choose to climb the ladder of life fast, then slip and fall. Others choose a slower but steady climb. Some get up so high and stop. Some reach out to try to catch the ones who are falling. But sometimes they don't choose to latch on or continue to add burdens so others continue to fall. Still others stop, stay and don't want any more help up.

Blessed are the helpers to motivate the stalled. Let go of the unmotivated. Watch out for the habitual offenders. At times it becomes necessary for us to reach out to others to help use -- to improve our quality of life. We have to be careful not to take away from their lives, but contribute.

Some people come along who never seem to want to give back or grow in their lives. They just keep the same status or want others to change it for them.

Adversity can make us stronger or more dependent. It is our choice to go forward, stand still or fall.


Cape Girardeau