City of Cape Girardeau permit status report for October

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Following is the September permit status of new buildings, expansions and remodeling projects and the status of those projects in Cape Girardeau:New buildings

O'Charley's Restaurant; needs address; applied 10-15-02.

Americare Properties, Inc.; new residential care facility; 2857 Cape La Croix Road; applied 10-4-02; site plan reviewed and approved on 10-10-02; complete plans submitted 10-24-02.

Chap Arnold Insurance; 875 N. Kingshighway; applied 9-25-02; site plan reviewed and approved 10-10-02; complete plans submitted 10-24-02.

The Bank of Missouri; 3427 William St.; applied 9-23-02; site plan reviewed and approved 10-10-02, letter sent 10-18-02.

First Community Bank, 21 S. Mount Auburn Road, new building, needs address, letter sent 9-09-02, needs truss calculations, 10-07-02; revisions 10-16-02.

Christ Church of the Heartland, 709 Bertling St., utility building, needs site plan and construction documents, site plan 7-19-02, revisions 8-8-02, needs truss calculations 8-09-02.

Rebel Group, Station West Strip Center, 623 S. Silver Springs Road, new strip mall, preliminary site plan 9-4-01, sent set of plans to fire department 6-5-02, structural calculations 6-17-02, needs water calculations 6-24-02, issued footing and foundation 6-28-02, structural drawings 7-30-02, shell ready 7-30-02, issued shell 7-31-02, final documents 9-19-02, letter sent 10-1-02, revisions 10-14-02, revisions 10-14-02; met with architects representative 10-21-02; letter sent 10-1-02; revisions 10-14-02.

A-1 Mini-Storage, 1857 Rusmar Ave., storage building, needs subdivision approval, needs address, revisions 7-9-02, needs plumbing plans 7-18-02, letter sent 8-5-02, revisions 8-22-02, letter sent 9-6-02, revisions 9-19-02, revisions 9-25-02, ready 10-1-02, issued 10-8-02.

Alamosa PCS Tower, 2215 Broadway, new cell phone tower, needs special use permit, letter sent 2-13-02.

Additions and remodeling Saint Francis Medical Center, cooling towers, central plant phase 3, 211 Saint Francis Drive, exterior remodel, 10-11-02.

Kellerman-Alliance Building, interior remodel, 17A, 17B, and 19 S. Spanish St; no change from last month.

Rent One, interior remodel, 610 S. Kingshighway, site plan 10-8-02, electrical plan 10-9-02; no change from last month.

Montessori School, exterior remodel, 418 Independence St., revisions, 10-3-02, ready 10-3-02; no change from last month.

The White House, interior remodel, 820 N. Sprigg, revisions 9-12-02, letter sent 9-17-02; revisions 10-16-02; approved 10-16-02.

Saint Francis Medical Center, master plan phase 2, 211 Saint Francis Drive, interior remodel, ready 10-11-02; issued 10-16-02.

Wet Seal, interior remodel, 3049 William St., space 253, letter sent 9-18-02, revisions 10-4-02, ready 10-7-02; no change from last month.

Concord Publishing, printshop addition, 500 William St., mechanical and electrical plans 8-22-02, revisions 9-13-02, issued footing and foundation 9-17-02, structural plans 9-17-02, shell and interior ready 10-03-02, issued shell and interior 10-8-02.

Plaza Tire Service Inc., exterior remodel, 2149 William St., revisions 10-11-02; issued 10-11-02.

Coaches Sports Bar and Cafe, interior remodel, 1036 N. Sprigg St., letter sent 8-30-02, partial revisions 9-13-02, beam calculations 9-17-02, revisions 10-2-02, needs parking addressed; no change from last month.

La Croix United Methodist Church, phase 3, new worship center, 3102 Lexington Ave., structural calculations 8-28-02, water calculations 8-30-02, letter sent 8-30-02; on hold by architect.

Williams Investments, 10 S. Spanish St., interior remodel, sent set of plans to fire department 4-2-02, letter sent 4-19-02, revisions 7-9-02, ready 7-15-02; no change from last month.

Craftsman Independent Union, 2709 Bloomfield Road, addition, interior remodel, MPE Plans 2-8-02, letter sent 2-21-02, partial revisions 4-5-02, ready 4-15-02; no change from last month.

Bryan Young Storage Building, 721 Broadway, interior remodel, comments from the fire department 1-14-02, sent letter 2-6-02, revisions received 3-7-02, needs licensed contractor with the city of Cape Girardeau.

Mid American Title Loans, 1000 N. Kingshighway, interior remodel, ready 11-30-01.


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