Candidate Q&A - U.S. Senate; Daniel Romano

Sunday, November 3, 2002

1. What steps do you propose to spur the national economy and create jobs in Missouri?

Federal money should be shifted from the military economy, which has only a short-term reach, to community-based public works and public service jobs programs. We could expand Missouri's agricultural economy: Worldwide demand for organic foods is increasing exponentially while worldwide demand for genetically modified foods is shrinking. Instead of using federal funds to support the "dead end" (literally) biotech industry, we should support organic growers and family farms.2. What measures would you endorse to avoid future corporate scandals?

The root of the problem is the investor owned economy. We need economies of smaller scale, switching from an investor-owned economy to a stakeholder-owned economy: worker and community ownership and control.3. What is your position on possible war with Iraq?

The W. Bush administration is considering a plan that would kill thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians in the interest of raising dividends and stock prices for Boeing and Exxon-Mobil? This is wrong. Iraq poses less of a threat than it did 11 years ago. W is using this war to divert attention away from his own corporate crimes and his mishandling of the economy as president.

4. Describe your preferred plan for providing a prescription drug benefit to the elderly under Medicare?

A single payer, national health plan is the only way to go. Pharmaceuticals should be provided to all that need them free of charge.5. Do you favor allowing American workers to invest a portion of their Social Security withholding in private investment accounts?

I oppose privatizing Social Security in any way. We should also stop using funds from the system for covering the debt caused by military spending.6. What is your position on farm subsidies?

Large agribusinesses should receive none. Smaller, family-owned farms should get some assistance.7. In one paragraph, why should someone vote for you rather than your opponents?

The Democrats and Republicans are so similar, one can barely tell them apart any more. They are owned and controlled by their corporate sponsors, and so only represent these interests. They no longer represent the working people of this country. People should vote for the true alternative and vote for the Green Party.

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