Letter to the editor

Sunday, November 3, 2002

To the editor:

I'd like to comment on the behavior of the broadcasters of the Southeast Missouri State University football team.

As I was driving through the area Saturday, I heard a commentator make a reference toward the opponent's coach, who was of Italian background. This individual stated after the opponent's head coach questioned a call by the official, "He's telling him (the official) about the 'guys' he has on his staff."

I am not from this area, but I am of Italian descent and am offended that this individual would lump this particular coach with a predisposed opinion about what Italians represent. We are not all leg-breakers, as this analyst was making reference to.

I would hope that this university and that radio station would do a better job of selecting the individuals who represent their institution. FRANK SERGE

Chicago, Ill.

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