Speak Out A 10/31/02

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Not alone

I JUST wanted to say it was really great seeing all those people protesting. I've been feeling very alone as if I were the only one. Now I can see there are a whole lot of people in Cape who really disagree with President Bush and this war.

Wonderful service

CENTENARY UNITED Methodist Church had a wonderful traditional service under Dr. Robert Holiday, the Rev. Jay Trotter and Dr. Neal Stein. The last two choir directors enhanced the service with their choice of music. We thank God for our forefathers who taught us how to worship.

Pro-Iraq demonstrators

I WOULD like to have the people who are protesting a war against Iraq explain what their position will be if Iraq does something horrible. These people may be protesting against a war, but what they're actually doing is protesting for Iraq, which has violated the agreement made in 1991 ever since then. I haven't seen any demonstrations against Iraq for violating these regulations. Evidently they must be pro-Iraq.

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