Lipke, Miller almost even in cash as election nears

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The major party candidates for 157th District seat in the House of Representatives had almost the same amount of campaign cash on hand for the final drive to Election Day.

As of Thursday, Democrat Chuck Miller of Oriole had $8,453.63 in the bank, slightly more than Republican Scott Lipke of Jackson, who reported $8,303.47 on hand.

However, Lipke had both outspent and outraised Miller during the course of the campaign to date. Lipke had collected $56,290.50 in contributions and spent $48,187.03 -- almost double the $24,383.35 spent by Miller, who had raised $33,187.

Libertarian Timothy Doubledee of Jackson is also on the Nov. 5 ballot for the seat. Doubledee planned to spend less than $500 on his campaign.

The last campaign finance disclosure reports to be filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission before the election cover Oct. 1 through Thursday.

During that period, Lipke raised $8,358 of which $3,700, or 44 percent, came from interest groups or Republican Party committees. Thirteen donors gave the $300 maximum for a House race.

Lipke spent $19,220.86, mostly on radio, television and print advertising.

Miller raised $4,390, or slightly more than half of what Lipke did in the same period. Two $300 donations from labor unions and $1,000 from the Democratic State Committee accounted for 36 percent of Miller's money in the last period. Political parties are allowed to give candidates up to 10 times the contribution limit for individuals. Miller had a total of five $300 donations.

Miller spent $16,417.50, also mostly on broadcast and newspaper advertising.

The winner of the race will replace term-limited state Rep. David Schwab, R-Jackson.

(573) 635-4608SCOTT LIPKE, R-JACKSON

Tom Schulte, Gordonville, $25; James Drury, Cape Girardeau, $75; Susan Dodd, Cape Girardeau, $200; Tom Sparkman, Cape Girardeau, $50; Bonnie Macke, Gordonville, $25; Sandra Schilling, Jackson, $50; Margaret Beggs, Jackson, $50; Judy Starzinger, Jackson, $25; Tricorex Inc., Perryville, $300; Kelly Winder, Jackson, $25; Nathan Cooper, Cape Girardeau, $50; Joe Gambill, Cape Girardeau, $50; Rosemary Gambill, Cape Girardeau, $50; Weldon Macke, Gordonville, $25; Pamela Schulte, Gordonville, $25; Edward Schilling, Jackson, $50; Charlotte Drury, Cape Girardeau, $75; Sam Beggs, Jackson, $50; Jack and Mary Ann Martin, Jackson, $50; Edgar Fiehler, Jackson, $25; Charles and Alice Besand, Perryville, $25; Don and Donna Dickerson, Jackson, $25; Herbert Kramer, Uniontown, $25; Charles and Lois Woodford, Cape Girardeau, $10; Mary Catherine Patrick, Cape Girardeau, $15; Dorene Grebing, Frohna, $10; P.M. and Jean Kurre, Jackson, $25; Louis Depres, Gordonville, $25; Janice Seabaugh, Cape Girardeau, $100; Missouri Millennium Fund, St. Louis, $300; Jerry Wieser, Cape Girardeau, $25; Virginia Kurka Frenzel, Cape Girardeau, $10; Dorothy M. Cox, Cape Girardeau, $15; Charles and Lavern Ross, Jackson, $50; Bonnie Lipke, Jackson, $200; Citizens for Peter Myers, SIkeston, $100; Mark and Melissa Guilliams, Jackson, $50; Brent Wills, Jackson, $50; John and Carolyn Little, Jackson, $20; J. Mark and Sally Beaudean, Cape Girardeau, $25; Don and Betty Bogenpohl, Jackson, $25; Dean Monahan, Cape Girardeau, $50; Larry and Carolyn Huter, Jackson, $50; Progress in Video Electronics, St. Louis, $100; Health PAC, Jefferson City, $100; Missouri Dental Hygienists PAC, Higginsville, $100; Townley for State Representative, Chamois, $200; Ameren UE PAC, Jefferson City, $300; Committee for Political Action, St. Louis, $300; Missouri State Teachers Association, Columbia, $300; Steven Tilley, Perryville, $150; Kellie Tilley, Perryville, $150; Rodney Richardet, Perryville, $50; Alan Gregory, Jackson, $100; Associated Builders and Contractors Inc., Mission, Kan., $200; Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City, Kansas City, $100; Blue Cross Blue Shield Missouri, Thousand Oaks, Calif., $300; Jacqueline Masters, Sikeston, $50; Shred Plus Inc., Cape Girardeau, $100; Beryl Roberts, Jackson, $50; Wanda Drury, Cape Girardeau, $50; Scott Pringle, Cape Girardeau, $50; Tyronza Pringle, Cape Girardeau, $50; Kelly Hartman, Cape Girardeau, $25; 3V Corp., Mount Vernon, $25; Political Action Committee of Missouri, St. Louis, $300; Richard Byrd for State Representative, St. Louis, $300; Don Starzinger, Jackson, $25; Carol Ann Sparkman, Cape Girardeau, $50; Cape County Republican Womens Club, Cape Girardeau, $200; Lori Spain, Jackson, $50; Citizens for Hanaway, St. Louis, $300; Park Ridge Development Co., Sikeston, $300; Paul Fisher III, Jackson, $300; Peggy Fisher, Jackson, $300; American Family Insurance, St. Joseph, $300; Edwin Masters, Sikeston, $50CHUCK MILLER, D-ORIOLE

Bening Motor Co. Inc., Sikeston, $300; Boyd Summers, Jackson, $15; Ruthellen Weinrich, Perryville, $25; David and Judy Beussink, Jackson, $25; John and Ann Quade, Jackson, $50; Bening Motor Co. Inc., Carbondale, Ill., $300; Harold Weinrich, Perryville, $25; Kenneth and Carol Weinrich, Jackson, $50; Brooks and Sandy Moore, Whitewater, $100; Gloria Kiehne, Jackson, $15; Ron and Mary Anderson, Jackson, $50; Natalie Botsch, Dexter, $25; Alan and Faye Farrow, Jackson, $100; Rodney Miller, Millersville, $25; Doris Miller, Jackson, $30; Christy Benton, Cape Girardeau, $25; David and Cris Edwards, Jackson, $50; Louise Hart, Jackson, $40; Jan Miller, Millersville, $25; Tom Neumeyer, Cape Girardeau, $25; Stan Schilling, Perryville, $50; Terry and Charlotte Shackles, Cape Girardeau, $50; Louise Stroder, Whitewater, $25; Central Trades & Labor Council, Cape Girardeau, $300; Jim Miller, Marshfield, $300; T. Gale and Katherine Seabaugh, Jackson, $100; Dan and Karen Stover, Jackson, $100; Anna Tripp, Cape Girardeau, $25; Missouri State UAW PAC, Hazelwood, $300; Don Shrum, Cape Girardeau, $50; Jim Grebing, Cape Girardeau, $100; Darrell Hanschen, Jackson, $60; Bud Miller, Cape Girardeau, $50; William McKee, Cape Girardeau, $25; Nelda Hinton, Jackson, $25; Alvin and Sally Gann, Jackson, $50; Democratic State Committee, Jefferson City, $1,000; Jerry Reynolds, Cape Girardeau, $50; Benny Hinton, Jackson, $25; Neil Dougan, Jackson, $200; Karen McCullough, Jackson, $20.

SOURCE: Finance disclosure reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission

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