Speak Out B 10/26/02

Monday, October 28, 2002

A joyful noise

THIS IS in response to the person who is discouraged with his church because of its "entertainment" and "self-promotion." I am a 22-year-old and have attended church all of my life. I was always taught that we are not only to worship God but also to bring others to know his word. People should enjoy worshipping God and not feel as if it were a chore that they must drudge through every Sunday. My Bible tells me to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord." To me, that is what some churches are trying to do.

Finally, agreement

FINALLY, I agree with a view expressed by David Limbaugh. Sexual abstinence does indeed lessen the likelihood of pregnancy.

But a drink is good

CIGARETTES ARE taxed because they cause cancer and heavily taxing them deters some smokers. Drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your health.

Distance dud

DISTANCE LEARNING is a very expensive educational technique and will be proven to be a disastrous dud.

Equitable rewriting

I HAVE always been told by teachers, "If I give you a good grade, then I have to give the whole class a good grade." I am in high school now, and obviously that saying doesn't apply anymore. A certain student got to rewrite her paper because she was making bad grades on her other papers. I was also making bad grades, but I dealt with it because it was the teacher's honest grade for the paper. If one student is able to rewrite a paper, I think all the students who made a bad grade should get to rewrite their papers.

Loud car stereos

I DEFINITELY agree with the person who commented on the loud car stereos. I live in Jackson, and it's bad here too. I have been awakened in the middle of the night numerous times, and it's getting so bad we can't even sit out in our yard in the evening and enjoy the peace and quiet. I usually just try to ignore it, but sometimes it's just too much. I called the police at midnight to complain. They said they could hear it inside their office. So why didn't they do something about it? Maybe the board of aldermen would take action if more of us complained.

What we believe

THE COMMENT "Pick what you believe" was right on the money. So-called Christians nowadays scream about sinners and fire and brimstone when it comes to homosexuality and abortion, but when we mention something about pacifism or turning the other cheek, we're labeled as either unpatriotic or cowards. When we talk about feeding the poor, we're evil communists.

Ignore smoke screens

PASS THE cigarette tax known as Proposition A. Pay no mind to business spokespersons who profit from selling cigarettes to radical anti-abortion advocates who see a pro-abortion agenda behind everything. Vote yes and ignore these smoke screens.

Former good guy

THE SAGE of social Darwinism, Steve Forbes, says the bear market will end when Saddam is gone. Thus, we seem to have incontrovertible proof that during the decade-long bull market Saddam must have been a good guy.

Full-service memories

IN RESPONSE to the article "Filling up on nostalgia": Thanks for the memories. At one time I owned and operated three full-service stations. The gas companies forced me to go to self-service, and I closed all three in two years.

Firing authority

I SEE they are talking about the fact that President Bush hasn't gotten approval to fire anyone in security who isn't doing his job. I don't think it's the lack of authority. I think it's a lack of guts. He should have put enough pressure below him to fire anybody who isn't doing his job. I don't care what the job is, if they aren't doing their job, they're cheating the taxpayers and they should be fired.

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