Sign fines upset Collinsville residents

Monday, October 28, 2002

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. -- Garage and yard sales are still permitted in this southwestern Illinois town, but residents need to be careful where they post signs advertising the auctions.

Don and Marcy Basden were fined $83 for their yard-sale sign, wiping out the profits from their sale completely.

"It cost more than a speeding ticket," Don Basden said.

Although the Basdens had received a permit from the city, they didn't notice the portion of the packet that told them not to place a yard-sale sign on public property.

What bothers the Basdens and others is that they received no warning, they said. No one came up to the house and asked them to move the sign. The citation just arrived in the mail.

"That's what really makes me mad," said Melissa Finley, who was also fined.

City manager Hank Sinda said when city residents apply for their $2 yard-sale permit they get a packet that includes the sign regulations.

Signs are not permitted on utility poles, street signs, the improved portion of the street, cars parked along the street or the city right of way -- usually about a 10-foot stretch from the sidewalk. Signs may be placed only in the resident's own yard and a neighbor's yard with the neighbor's permission.

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