FanSpeak 10/27/02

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Congrats, Delta Jr.High

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Delta Junior High Lady Bobcats for a tremendous season. Both the seventh- and eighth-grade teams won the championship in the Scott-Mississippi Conference Tournament. This is the second championship for the eighth grade. They also have wonderful coaches, coach White and coach Blattel. Keep up the good work.

Rank the Indians

I THINK it is ridiculous that Jackson is not even ranked. Just because we don't have Mario Whitney, you guys think we have no game. Maybe we have a lot to prove, but you could at least give us a chance.

Winona's in ... finally

I HAVE been interested in the SEMO Volleyball Top 10 for local high schools. I was very excited to see that Winona made the top 10. They finished their regular season with a 30-2 record. I was highly impressed and hope to see that they move up on the rankings.

Nice job, ND JV

CONGRATULATIONS TO the junior varsity volleyball team at Notre Dame for a great season: Twenty-eight wins, no losses outside tournament play. A season-ending win over Leopold on their home court and a raucous crowd made them the No. 1 JV team in the area. The way that they came back against a good Leopold team in the third game showed that those 13 sophomores will provide Notre Dame with an excellent volleyball future. Congratulations, girls, you made us proud.

It's not L.A.

LAST NIGHT I was eating dinner downtown and heard two "gentlemen" discussing how they didn't like the Anaheim Angels because the team was too Hollywood since the team is from L.A. Well, here is a geography lesson for you, Anaheim is not in L.A. It's not even in L.A. County, it's in Orange County. Orange County prides itself on not being like L.A. at all. Perhaps folks in Cape should get out and travel a little, or, for that matter, simply pull out a map.

A business opportunity

THIS CITY needs a sports bar that is able to allow teenagers in under the age of 18, a place where football fans of all ages can go on Sundays to watch the games. A place where fathers can bring their sons. A family atmosphere with a football twist. Big- screen TVs, drinks of all sorts and fun for the family.

They're both good

TO WHOEVER is trying to cause hard feelings between two good volleyball teams, give it up already. This area can be proud to have so many good athletes who also excel academically. If you will notice, most of these girls also make the honor roll.

Craving attention

I HOPE the Southeast Missourian can give a little more coverage to soccer. The JV tournament is this week and as I look at the Wednesday newspaper, there is only a tiny article about it. Why not publish a schedule? Also could you please give the Jackson JV team acknowledgment for playing as a team and actually caring about each other. Jackson had players out there who were sick and also a player with a foot injury -- they were trying their best because they really knew they would be missed if they couldn't play. Let's give a little credit to Jackson soccer.

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